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Hi everyone! I am new here, i just took the NCLEX for the first time yesterday (7th). It was so hard and scary. I had 120 questions, was the first one out of the testing center. AHHHH! AND I didn't get any calculation questions. I never got any questions that I had to use the box with X's, or use anything other than the mouse to click on multiple choice. I only had three med questions in which two were Lasix and the other Digoxin. My questions were all vague and could have been two answers easily. I am going crazy. Hopefully I will know later today. The people at the testing center said to check the site later today.

Has anyone else had an NCLEX experience with no calculation questions? Thanks for any replies!


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Oh my!! I just took the NCLEX also. I only had 75 questions, no calculation questions (which I like, only one answer). I got a lot of questions on Schizo, prioritizing pt assessments and psych and OB. Got some ambulating with canes and walkers, proper technique. I have no clue in how I did. I wanted to cry after. I took my LPN last year and felt the same way, like I flunked, but I actually passes.

I wish you luck, I'm sure you passed.

Hopefully I find out by Friday.

After spending 200 dollars on this test, they should give you the results as soon as the exam ends on the computer. I think they enjoy causing anxiety induced uclers.


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I took mine Tuesday. No calc questions either but a lot of prioritzing. It cut off at 75 and today I got results on State Licensing board. I passed. Im sure you did fine, but I was on pins and needles for 2 days. Let us know


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This must be a common theme. Just took mine today and had about 82 questions, NO calculations, maybe two drugs, psych, ob, tons of prioritization and a BUTTLOAD of nutrition questions. What?- I'm testing for nutritionist? Doesn't dietary handle that?! :chuckle Oh, and I had a 3.57 GPA, got 99.99% on the HESI, and I felt like crap about this test. I'm like- did it keep going after 75 just to make sure I was that stupid? Arrrrrrrrrrg! This is beyond frustrating. Well, if I did pass for some reason- beware, I'm still likely to give you the orange juice instead of the milk :rolleyes:


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originally posted by fullmoonmadness

i took mine tuesday. no calc questions either but a lot of prioritzing. it cut off at 75 and today i got results on state licensing board. i passed. im sure you did fine, but i was on pins and needles for 2 days. let us know

congratulations, fullmoonmadness, rn!

RELAX, I am sure you did fine!!! The first time I took boards I had 265 questions and I had like 5 or 6 drug calculations and some of those new style questions. The second time I took boards I had 75 questions NO drug calculations NO new style questions and I passed!!!!!!! I thought it was much harder the second time around too. However, I was going through some personal things in my life the first time I took NCLEX so I should have sorted through the issues in my life before taking it the first time.

All the questions are pulled at random.

Full moon madness R.N. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Update- took it yesterday- pearson still does not show results available today- so I did online verification with AZ board and.........:eek: I passed! *whew*

I think I'll throw up now- man there has got to be a better way- that was agonizing. Good luck to everyone still waiting and still preparing to test- seeya out there!

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You guys are killing me!!

My NCLEX is tomorrow morning!!....I should be sleeping right now but I cant...I guess i should be practicing those relaxation techniques I'll probably be tested on tomorrow!!

Now I want to throw up...was is really that hard??

How long did it take you guys to finish...not amount of questions but time??



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Seriously- save the freaking out for when you're waiting for your results- no way around that. Although...from what I've read on the board's site and heard from others, if it feels like it was hard, it's because you were qualifiying yourself for the harder questions and probably passed- if it feels easy, you're either a genius or you never quite made it to the mid/high level questions and well.. you'll have to try again :o . We look forward to reading your follow-up- when you tell us you PASSED :cool:

Oh yeah, your question-it took about 45 minutes

Chris, RN :roll:


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Okay, I logged into the pearson website at 0830, and it asked for my credit card. I was shaking putting the numbers in, then, hit submit, and there it was, the "pass". I did it!!

I'm going to be celebrating this weekend, cuz I have the weekend off from work.

I guess the 75 questions can be an omen or a good thing, in this case, my test shut off at 75 and I passed. My friend also passed after shutting off at 75.

Good luck to all you who are waiting or taking the boards.

sincerely, a RN now!!!


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Woohoo!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!:D

We must have tested the same day- I did mine at Pearson in Mesa. Just think- no more review questions- thank God! Oh, and get this- I took the test Thursday and today- BEFORE Pearson had results available, I got a letter from AZ board with my results- so much for paying the $7.95


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Congratulations to you!!!! What a weight off our shoulders. I took mine at Mesa also! What school did you go to? I went to GWCC.

I didn't however, get anything in the mail today from ASBN :(

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