Who asked about the smallest premie?

  1. I knew we had one recently. 12 ozs (<400gm), 24 wkr IUGR. No bad complications in-hospital--meeting milestones so far but <1yr old. Still adorable at the picnic in July.
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  3. by   KRVRN
    OMG Lucky baby...
  4. by   canoehead
    24 weeks, wow.

    If it was my child though they would not touch him until 30 weeks. I just can't stand the idea of all the suffering, I know this is a volatile topic but that's JMHO.
  5. by   KRVRN
    I've taken care of 27 weekers that were on a nasal cannula-- perfectly able to move, cry, suck a pacifier and live. I agree, I wouldn't want my tiny baby to suffer either. But it would be a shame to not intervene for anything younger than 30 weeks. It is not particularly pleasant for ANY size baby in the NICU, what with all the poking, manipulating and diaper changing we do.
  6. by   prmenrs
    wouldn't have taken "no" for an answer--she just basically insisted on living!!! Give me my Survanta and my Indocin and look out world, I'm here. That was her attitude.

    It's too soon to tell if she'll have long term problems, but as for complications like Intraventricular hemorrhages, chronic lung problems, feeding issues, etc., she just didn't do any of it. Got extubated early, went to non-invasive assisted ventilation, got early feeds, just did terrific.

    I agree w/you for some kids, but like any other group of people, premies are variable. We've all seen patients of any age go out of their way to get every complication available, and maybe a few no one else ever thought of, and others that sail through.

    I think God has a plan for this little girl!!

    Besides, my adopted son was a 28-30 weeker with LOTS of complications--and I wouldn't trade him for anything!!
  7. by   Mofe'ny
    Wow, she must be a fighter!
    The smallest that I've seen is 540 grams--- and that just about blew my mind. By the way, what weight is considered 'micropreemie' for all you Level 3 nurses? We only keep them at 30 weeks. Anyting smaller we have to ship out
    But we normally get them back once they grow
  8. by   semstr
    Hi to you all,

    smallest (surviving) was 450 gr/ 23 w 5d.
    Was never intubated, no bleedings, was nursed with 800 gr.!
    (Got milk from her mum almost right from the start, that mum was one of the greatest woman I ever met, she started pumping in the deliveryroom, kangeruut for hours, great)

    But we had others too! for a lot of them I am still glad they didn't survive! (And I know what I am talking about! Lost one myself 20 years ago)

    The best thing for our tiny ones is LOVE! Renee
  9. by   KRVRN
    A 540 g 23 weeker that wasn't intubated?
  10. by   KRVRN
    I mean 450 g.
  11. by   semstr
    Sorry it took so long to answer you.
    yes, 450 , almost 24 weeks, and never intubated that's right.
    I must say we never ever had that before or afterwards! This was atiny, hardfighting little girl!!
    Well mostly the girls are the extrem fighters aren't they?
    Teke care, Renee
  12. by   Jolie
    There's an article on the front page of the Chicago Trib today about a baby girl who was recently discharged from Good Samaritan Hospital in Downer's Grove after a 4 month stay. She was electively sectioned at 27 weeks for severe IUGR and weighed 340gms. According to statistics from the University of Iowa, she is the 2nd smallest baby to survive in Illinois, and the 6th smallest anywhere. She has no apparent health problems and is just beautiful!
  13. by   babynurselsa
    The smallest one I have personally cared for was a 22-23 weeker.
    weighing 462g Intubated. left to go homw about 4 mos later noi head bleeds, no ROP, no major NEC scares, No BPD.
    We all cursed our Neo in the beginning for bringing him into the unit. Usually these poor guys just get about 3-5 days of torture before they die. But this kiddo was determined to live in spite of us and last I knw he was still doing awesome. Though for this one baby I have probably attended 19 funerals of little ones just like him
  14. by   NicuGal
    We are saving 22 weekers...we have had one that weighed 310 grams that lived..but you can guess what he is like. We get alot of kids less than 450 grams and 24 weeks...we have neonatolgists that try to outdo each other.

    And FYI...if you deliver at a level III and your baby is over 500 grams and breathing..they will resusitate! At least at our hospital they will.