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I'm a nursing student with not too much farther to go. (YEAH!). I'm giving serious thought to starting in the NICU post-graduation. From what I have observed, it just seems to be the right fit for... Read More

  1. by   future nicu nurse
    wow i actually read all 11 pages! great posts! i've been dreaming of becoming an NICU nurse ever since i learned about it [junior year of HS]. i volunteered at an ICU and one of the nurses told me about NICU. I knew right then that is the right job for me. This thread has inspired me even more. Thank you.
  2. by   WildcatFanRN
    I actually read all the post too. I just graduated and definately want to work NICU. I haven't been offered a positon yet and I have an interview on an adult ICU, which I may take since it will get my foot in the door to the hospital system that has the NICU. Plus I'll learn critical care time management. But I know, in my heart I want to be a NICU nurse. I was a NICU baby or as close to a NICU as they had in the 70's as I was a month early and underweight. According to my mom, all I had to do was grow so I only spent a month.
  3. by   future nicu nurse
    hey same here! I was a low birthweight baby (3.5 lbs) so they put me in an incubator. my mom's not sure if the place was called nicu though. but anyway i know that low birthweight babies are taken care of at the NICU now.

    i might pursue to be a neonatal clinical nurse specialist or neonal nurse practitioner. but i dont think i have to decide now 'cause i will need some experience first before getting my master's
  4. by   Jessy_RN
    Enjoyed this thread, :heartbeat
  5. by   WildcatFanRN
    I do love that new nurses can work nicu. Even though it looks like I won't be working it right now, I still want to work it in the future.

    I love this thread also, and the funny story one.
  6. by   Acosmo27
    LOVE this thread. Im still in nursing school, but I know for a fact that NICU is my calling. I just know it. Cant wait until the day I can share my own stories. :heartbeat
  7. by   Disneyfan
    I love that the NICU enabled me to bring my micro-preemie triplets home when I was told it would not happen.

    I love that the NICU has allowed me to have 8 years of magic, fun, excitement, tears, and laughter.

    I love that the NICU has given me a chance for 3 times the hugs and kisses every day.

    I love that the NICU fulfilled my dream to be a mom.

    I love that the NICU helped my children to come home so we could be a family.

    I love that the NICU was filled with doctors, nurses, therapists, and staff who truly cared for my children, me, and my DH.

    I love that the NICU has given me the chance to love more than I knew possible, to be loved more than I deserve, and to have more joy than I ever imagined.

    I love that in less than 2 weeks I get to go back to the NICU as an RN and offer other families the same chances.

    I love the NICU.
  8. by   NCbabynurse
    Hello all. My name is Dinah and I just applied for a NICU job. I have worked for 9 years in a Level I/II nursery. I just accepted the NICU III job and I am very excited. I know I have a lot to learn but when I went in the NICU during my job interview, I just got excited about the whole concept. I really lucked up because this job is a better pay, closer to my home, and has great PERKS..........If anyone has any advice for me it is greatly accepted and I would appreciate it. Thanks:typingnurse:
  9. by   Sun*shine
    what a fantastic thread. it's been an absolute joy to read.
  10. by   mjick
    I am not a NICU nurse (yet) but have experienced the NICU world for 3 months (my son was born at 26 weeks). I always heard from the nurses that they love seeing "their preemies" when the parents bring them back for a visit (2 years, 5 years, 20 years) later.... I think its such a rewarding feeling when they see them reach milestones eventhough the babies had the most difficult first days of life. Its a great feeling to know that even the lightest touch or cuddle may have contributed to the babies' survival. NICU nurses are my heroes ! I will forever be thankful for the care they have given to my child. I hope to give back to other families what the NICU nurses have given my family someday....chance for a great life for my son.
  11. by   annmarie1959
    I have recently started in NICU. I went back to school for my RN, and was fortunate enough to get this wonderful opportunity. NICU nurses are wonderful teachers and have been ultra supportive. Prior to this, I had worked 12 years in Adult Cardiac, most recently as a triage nurse. I have to say when I walked into the NICU during clinicals, I KNEW this was what I was meant to do! The lack of opportunities left me feeling almost hopeless and triage was DEFINIteLY not my cup of tea. I prayed hard to have this opportunity and 2 days after my birthday, I got the call! I know I have TONS to learn about these babies, but I will do it because I LOVE what I am doing!:wink2:
  12. by   dawnebeth
    I love the ICN--and I've never worked anywhere else. I graduated 21 years ago tomorrow--and always knew I wanted children or babies. I got the job in the ICN on my 31st birthday and started working three days later. It's been a blessing; a fun time, a really, really hard time, some times slow, most times non-stop, noisy, busy, frustrated and exciting. I love knowing that what we do with the babies makes them stronger and better, that they grow to what they will be with our help.

    The PICU with its car accident victims, gunshot victims and children who are dying makes me so sad, but the nursery is almost always joyous, even on the saddest day. These babies are born sick, preemie or with syndromes, and we help them live. I originally thought that most of the babies would die, but most actually live, and the day they go home with their families is such a wonderful achievement. I thrive in the ICN.

  13. by   NICURN29
    I love that baby poop is so much easier to deal with than big people poop.

    I love the babies.

    I love the fact that we are caring for the entire family, from the baby in the isolette to the mom and dad at home to the grandparents who can only visit once in a while.

    I love the relationships that last even after the baby graduates from the NICU and the pictures we get years later, thanking us for all we did for them.

    I love the teamwork feeling that comes about after being in the trenches with your coworkers, critically thinking your butt off as you save a life.

    I love the rush you get as you are learning or experiencing something new.

    And I love the down time, with the cuddles you can sneak in with that cranky baby who just won't sleep.

    I really love my job and am so happy I ended up in the NICU right out of nursing school. I can't imagine doing anything else!