Neonatal Education I can complete as a STUDENT?

  1. I am very determined into getting into neonatal nursing after graduation.

    I have already completed an overseas volunteer placement in Nepal working in NICU.

    But I have never been placed in a neonatal round for placement...

    So far for my resume, I have completed:
    'Basic Neonatal Resuscitation' (an online course), and 'First aid for babies and children'

    What else can I do as a student to gain experience in this area to show interviewers that I am passionate about this specialty?
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  3. by   Guy in Babyland
    How much longer do you have to go? Some hospitals offer a summer externship prior to your senior year.
  4. by   BeccaznRN
    Yes, look into student externships. I was chosen for a summer externship going into my senior year of nursing school that included time in the NICU, among other units. You could also become active in nursing organizations such as NANN, which would provide opportunities for self-study and networking.
  5. by   Leader25
    You might do well to get med surg experience under your belt ,at least a year.See if you can volunteer in the nursery,before you take care of sick babies you should know what a normal one is like.Also contact March of Dimes.
  6. by   babyNP.
    I took NRP (neonatal resuscitation program) as a RN student and I think it helped me stand out in my application and my desire to be a NICU nurse. It was a bit difficult and I did have to study a bit alongside taking my nursing classes/clinical, but worth it for me at the time.
  7. by   KKEGS
    I've done STABLE training as well as NRP.
  8. by   nurserosh
    Have you heard about Wonderful resource to keep updated on the latest research.
  9. by   vintage_RN
    I did NRP as a student. Usually a one day course. It was quite challenging not having any prior background or knowledge but it is required to work in a NICU and I believe it helped me stand out among other applicants as my hospital does not provide the training.