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  1. I have been an RN for 18 months on a busy paediatric surgical ward, and am getting a bit anxious that I'm losing many skills we learnt at university. Not one single nurse carry's around stethoscopes to auscultate heart/lung/bowel sounds or palpates a...
  2. I am very determined into getting into neonatal nursing after graduation. I have already completed an overseas volunteer placement in Nepal working in NICU. But I have never been placed in a neonatal round for placement... So far for my resume, I h...
  3. TOO SHY!

    It's more the smalltalk with patients that I don't like so I think in the regard of giving information to parents and collaborating with other health professionals I would be ok with. Thanks both of you for the advice though! I'll take it on board......
  4. TOO SHY!

    I'm a nurse/midwifery student and just finished my first year but I keep second guessing myself. I am just so shy and awkward and I hated the first placement I did because I didn't know what to say to the patients. I am a caring person but I am not g...
  5. Australian nurse working overseas?

    I am an australian citizen... what kind of process is it to meet US standards?
  6. Australian nurse working overseas?

    I've read that it is easier to become a nurse in Australia than in America - that in Australia there isn't as much information required to know etc., and that American nursing degree's have much more scientific based skills to learn. So would I, as a...
  7. So I'm in my first year of Nursing school and I already feel drained and just down, I don't enjoy it at all. My first placement was at an orthopaedics ward and I hated it! I'm considering not doing it anymore but other careers I'm interested in don't...