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Good Morning America had a feature about a "miracle" baby that just went home from the hospital. She was 15 ounces and is now TWO YEARS OLD and finally going home. She is trached, vented, and... Read More

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    That you are telling us we aren't.
    Where exactly did I say that???

    Don't be so sensitive..
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    Don't be so critical,who are we to stand in judgement of this situation.
    Do we know anything about this mothers history.. NO. !!
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    Oh this is what rattled you!.

    I see now. oops
  4. by   RainDreamer
    I don't doubt the mother's love for this child, but sometimes loving a child means letting go. Torturing a child for 2 years and doing everything to keep them alive? Yeah she loves the child, but she's being selfish also. That is no quality of life for that little girl.
  5. by   danissa
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    This reminds me of a family that I knew. Mother had tried for years and years to get pregnant. Went through the process of adoption, and then found out she was pregnant, so she didn't adopt. Her baby was born with CP. She is in her late 20's and has the dev. age of a 6 month old. Still in diapers, still cries all the time. Mom is older (in 60's) and was still changing diapers and bound to her bedside. I bet she prayed all the time just to be a mother to a baby, and here she is, a mother to an infant for eternity.
    Very sad.
    I Agree, soo sad, was this a term babe though or a preemie??
    This thread is very interesting..please guys..don't get heated with each other about it.just makes it uncomfy..imo!
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    I Agree, soo sad, was this a term babe though or a preemie??

    In my story? It was a term baby. The baby is now in her 20's.
  7. by   danissa
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    In my story? It was a term baby. The baby is now in her 20's.
    A term baby, with all the expectations....makes this one of the saddest things!
  8. by   TexasPediRN
    this story is so sad..and by no means is it a miracle. that child is severely developmentally delayed, as far as i can see. no head control at age 2 sounds off some alarms.

    as others have said, i was ready to shoot the newslady when she said "besides the respirator and the feeding tube, she looks so healthy!!"

    i work with some micropreemies on my side job. of all the ones that i have taken care of, i will consider one a "miracle", and im using the word loosely.

    i understand the position of these mothers, and with the above child i mentioned, the mom made the right choice (26weeker). yes, shes got medical problems, but she looked nowhere as bad as the child on the video. this child decannulated at age 2 1/2 , but the child in the video appears as if she will never decannulate or even come off the vent.

    so sad...

    i wish the news would do a full story on her- the nursing care required to take care of the child, and how hard it is to travel with a vented child.

    i wish the mother the best of luck..
  9. by   muffie
    imagine if all nicu's were full up with this patient

    how will she do in the longterm?
    quality of life?

    sure she is cute and precious but...
  10. by   Sabby_NC
    Yes I agree with Hopefull that Mother is in total denial. I too would like to see this woman interviewed down the track but you know the Lord has a reason for all of this. We just need to wait and see what his plan is!!
    I pray that this woman gets serious help as this child grows, if even it survives serious chest infections and normal childhood illnesses.
  11. by   justjenny
    A healthy miracle baby, huh.
    Blind, probably deaf, trached with a vent, g tube, shunt, crap lungs she will outgrow, 2 yrs old the size of my son at 7 months old, no head/neck control and mom holding her tight to keep her from arching on camera.
    What I wish we could do is petition the media. Over 1,000 people have viewed this thread so far...if each one sent an email MAYBE the media would take notice. Any media outlet running crazy stories like these should be FLOODED with emails from NURSES who have cared for babies like these to give the real story.
    No one blames a mother for loving her child and being happy that she is finally home where she belongs, but this child has already and will continue to live a painful life full of invasive procedures and when her lungs finally give out she will literally suffocate in front of her family before passing away. This mom struck me as being glad that she could wave this child in front of the doctors faces "Nah, nah, see...I was right and YOU WERE WRONG."
    I am the FIRST person to say to each and every child like this "Go ahead sweetie - PROVE ME WRONG" but I have yet to see any child do more than live a couple years longer than predicted and no more. Some never look peaceful until after they finally pass on and that anxious "air hungry" look in their eyes is finally gone.

    So sad!
  12. by   nursey04
    I find this story terribly upsetting. I hope my response does not offend anyone, but this child has not survived because of god. This child has survived because of extreme medical intervention. Take away the feeding tube and vent and she would not be able to survive. I am the mother of 2 NICU babies and know the feeling of just wanting your child survive. Initially that is all you want no matter what. You can't see the long term in the beginning, but this mom has had 2 years of watching that poor child probably go through multiple medical procedures.

    The media should not portray this child as a miracle. I remember when my kids were in the NICU. I would get so mad about the Cabbage Patch preemie dolls and say "they should come with a vent and feeding tube". I would also get so mad at sit coms, like Roseanne, where Darlene delivered a supposed 28weeker who was fine.

    I guess I've gone on enough. I am happy to say I have 2 true miracle children. I was told neither would live and then if they did they would have seizures, dev. delays etc. I'm happy to say that they are both healthy. My son has developmental delays and severe learning disabilites but it could be much worse. My daughter is absolutely fine!

  13. by   SuesquatchRN
    We shouldn't always do all that can be done to save a life. I see that done when it shouldn't be in my job, geriatric LTC, all the time.