Horrific news item

  1. I really feel ill after reading this.

    Madison, Wisconsin hospital may lose Medicare contract after 5 newborns injured in intensive care - CBS News
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  3. by   Isabelle49
    I read about that. The nurse involved is on leave. Have discovered through FB that the nurse is a he, hoping his license will be revoked.
  4. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    So sad, who would hurt a tiny baby
  5. by   Leader25
    OMG,that is awful news.Something is very wrong there,someone is at their breaking point and needs help.Everyone working there and patients is in danger.Medicare not paying just makes things worse ,stressing out the hospital and they in turn will take it out on the innocent staff.i pray for all those nurses and patients,hope they caught the right one and no one else goes crazy.
  6. by   Have Nurse
    Dear God in Heaven, You see all of this. Please intervene...Put your Warrior angels around these little ones, and deal with those who are responsible. Comfort the parents and guide them through this..please. In Jesus name, Amen
  7. by   Have Nurse
    It breaks my heart.
  8. by   Have Nurse
    I'm hoping for more than that. This hospital is in deep deep water.
  9. by   bananas1