Clinical techs or CNA's in the NICU

  1. I work at Winnie Palmer with a NICU of 143 beds. The unit is divided into L2 &3. I am looking for info on other hospitals L2 nurset ratios and if you have CNA's. Who is allowed to feed your babies? Thank you so much.
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  3. by   Leader25
    Only the nurses there are no nurses aides,had volunteers once but they caused problems.Once in a blue moon a MD might feed one.
  4. by   vintage_RN
    Our level 2 has a ratio of 1:3, sometimes 4 if we're short. We have aides but they are technical aides, they stock supplies, clean equipment etc....they don't touch babies.
  5. by   callie16
    I work in a Level II/III NICU. Our Level 2 ratio is 3:1 (4:1 if we're short). We have patient care techs (CNAs without the certification) and they do all our stocking, making appointment, assisting MDs with circumcisions, etc. They are allowed to do diaper changes, check temps, and bottle babies if the RN asks them to. It's usually up to the discretion of the RN and comfort/competence level of the tech. They only bottle our stable babies, never the ones who are just learning to bottle or those that struggle with it.
  6. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    FYI I would leave out where you work and stay anonymous!