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  1. callie16

    Law School???

    Currently, I'm in a NICU. My first job as a new grad was in a Neuro/Ortho float pool. I learned within months that I hated taking care of adults and got out as soon as I could.
  2. callie16

    Law School???

    Thank you everyone for all the good information! There's a lot to consider and definitely more to look into!
  3. callie16

    Law School???

    I didn't mean this in the terms of randomly taking the LSAT. I would definitely study for it and be as prepared as I could before taking it. I'm more curious to know if my scores would get me into a good school. I didn't know that old exams were posted and you could take/grade them yourself. That would definitely be a good way to judge if my scores could cut it! My undergrad GPA was good but I know LSAT questions are set up completely different than nursing school style.
  4. callie16

    Law School???

    Hi all! I'm looking for advice from anyone who was a nurse and went to law school or knows someone who did! I've only been a nurse for 3 years and I already feel so drained and dread the thought of spending the rest of my life working bedside.. This past fall I applied for DNP school because it felt like the next "natural" step in my nursing career. As it's getting closer to interview time, I'm having serious doubts about my desire to be a NP and continue in direct healthcare work. Ever since high school, I've always entertained the idea of being a lawyer but never really took it seriously because all of my loved ones pushed me to be a nurse since it is a stable career. I've been looking into health law and love the idea of working as a hospital attorney or for a research facility (still being involved with healthcare but not on the forefront). I know in the past years the law field was very over saturated with new attorneys but I've heard it's improving (especially in the health field!). Any input on it being a smart move or if I would just be throwing away tens of thousands of dollars to end up still being a nurse since I can't land a job?? Also, I've started studying for the LSAT but haven't taken it yet. Do I just take it and see if I even have the scores to get in a good school??
  5. callie16


    In the initial email sent with the listing of interview dates it said the week of December 16 they would send out interview request. So hopefully next week we all hear back!
  6. callie16


    I also got my email! thenurseguy88 in one of the online DNP chats I did they said interviews are required for admission so I'd assume that as only those who get interviews are still considered.
  7. callie16

    New grad moving to DC

    I'm also looking at the possibility of moving to the DC area for grad school. I can't answer any of these questions for you but hopefully someone from the area will be able to give us some insight!
  8. callie16

    Baltimore RN Salaries

    Hi everyone! The latest threads I've seen on Baltimore RN salaries is a few years old. I thought we could start a new thread with updated hourly pay (new grad or experienced). I'm hoping to move to Baltimore this summer and trying to figure out what I can expect for pay. Base hourly pay + differential rates would be super helpful! Thanks in advance :)
  9. callie16

    Moving to Chicago

    I'm looking at moving to Chicago this summer and wanted some input from nurses who live there! 1) Hospitals. Which ones do you recommend? Any you would say to avoid? I'm a NICU nurse and want to stay at a NICU (currently in a Level IIIB). 2) Living. Which areas are good places to live and where should I avoid? I have a small dog and would love an area that is more dog friendly. 3) Is it worth it to have a car in the city or is public transportation good enough that I could avoid the headache of paying for and finding a place to park? 4) What can I expect for pay (I have 3 years experience)? I currently get paid very well in comparison to cost of living and don't expect it to be like that in Chicago but having an idea of what I'll be making will be beneficial. Thank you for your help!
  10. callie16


    I applied to Baltimore's campus. I'm doing Neonatal NP and that's the only campus they offer it at.
  11. callie16


    I'm waiting on my last recommendation to be submitted but I will let you know when my status changes!
  12. callie16


    I am applying for the Fall 2019 DNP-NNP program. Anyone from the area know what the RN job market is like? If I get accepted, I'll be relocating to the area.
  13. callie16


    Hey all, I'm in the process of applying to UIC's DNP program specializing as a Neonatal NP. I have some questions I was hoping someone could answer for me. 1. For those of you currently in the program, what are your thoughts? Positive and negative are helpful. 2. I'm planning on doing the program part-time. How often are you required to be on campus? 3. For those of you working full-time, do you feel like it is manageable to work full-time and do the program part-time? Did you have to cut back on your hours? 4. What was the admission interview like? 5. If you have any information on admission rates or class sizes that would be helpful. I haven't been able to find much about the competitiveness of the program. Thanks in advance!!
  14. callie16


    Hey all, I'm looking for some general information on UMB's DNP program. I'm currently in the process of applying for the Neonatal NP specialty. I haven't really found anyone in the neonatal program, so I'm hoping to get some information from other specialties. Here are my questions: 1. What are some of your general impressions of the program? Positive or negative. 2. I've heard that most of the programs are largely on campus. Are classes generally condensed into one or two days a week or do you have to be on campus more frequently? I'm hoping to work full-time during school and planning on the four-year program. 3. For those of you who started working full time during your program, did you end up moving to a part-time position or were you able to manage working full-time with your classes? 4. Lastly, what areas are good places to live? I'm from out of state, not familiar with the area and would be relocating. Thanks in advance!!
  15. callie16

    Tampa Area Hospitals

    I am a NICU RN looking to relocate to the Tampa area. Any suggestions on hospitals to look into or hospitals to stay away from? I currently work at a Level III NICU and I am hoping to stay in a Level III/IV setting. Thanks!!
  16. callie16

    Phoenix Metro NICUs

    I'm planning on moving to Arizona within the next 6 months and hoping to living in the Phoenix Metro area (I have family there so I would like to be near them). Does anyone have suggestions on best NICUs to work at? I have a friend at St. Joseph's and she loves it but I'm looking for options :) A little background information, by the time I apply for jobs/move I will have 3 years nursing experience with 2 of them in NICU (6 mo level II and 18 mo level III). I would like be at a level III facility as I have plans to go back to school to be an NNP. Also, if anyone has an idea on what I should be expect to be paid, I would love to hear. I live in South Dakota right now and get paid well compared to COL. I know housing in more expensive in AZ than SD so I'm hoping to make a little more.

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