Caps in the NICU

  1. An infant's grandfather ask me "Why don't you gals wear your caps anymore? I would feel better about my grandchild being in here if you gals wore a white dress and a cap!" I did not know what to say I was so suprised. First of all I did not know anyone stilled called adult women in the workplace gals any more. Esp someone as young as early 60"s. I ended up saying "Sir scrubs are just better for the babies with the bright colors and all and caps are just not practical anymore" Anyone have any susgestions as to what I sholud have said. Thanks
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  3. by   jaimealmostRN
    I would have thought: "ggrrrrrr....I'll just go iron my white gown and cap and leave your grandchild unattended so you'll be asthetically pleased and then when there's an emergency and I'm running and accentally get a run in my panty hose I'll change them first before helping the baby all so I can look traditional just for you!" :angryfire

    Gee, I'm a b**** today!
  4. by   prmenrs
    "It's not as important what's ON your head as what's [B]INSIDE[B] your head!!!" Try that one on him. He must be real shocked that women drive and vote and all. :stone
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  5. by   suzanne4
    Hats, if worn on a daily basis AND not cleaned, are a magnet for bacteria, etc. Tell him that you are wearing scrubs to keep things clean for his grandchild, and that it is best to be without the white cap.
  6. by   nurseunderwater
    um....I would say re: the caps, that with all the new tech etc. caps can be an issue of "entanglement" and could cause an incident if they were to get caught on something. Like his grandbaby's IV tubing....

    ps: kinda reminds me of something my dad would have said
  7. by   Ynemec
    Because they drag infection from patient to patient, and are difficult to keep clean. Not to mention causing balding, sweating, and general discomfort over a long 12 hour + shift.
  8. by   kitty29
    OMG...I haven't thought about wearing my nurses cap for Years! I think I gave it to my great niece for Halloween!

    It was a big deal in the day tho!
  9. by   preemieRNkate
    Oh geez...I don't even have a cap, it is no longer part of the uniform where I went to school (I graduated in 2004). As far as I know, most schools around here don't require them either. I had a hard enough time keeping my white uniform clean and my hair in a reasonably neat ponytail or braid!