Anyone use Micro Preemie Pampers?

  1. They have new Swaddlers for micro preemies and I'd love to get them for our unit. I hate the Wee Pees. The tape sticks to their skin or not at all. Any feedback?
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  3. by   Heather333
    We got a sample of them a few months ago and I love them too. The wee-pees are awful. Likfe you said, the tape sticks to everything and they never really fit right. I don't think we are getting them because our hospital doesn't have a contract w/ Pampers.

  4. by   KRVRN
    We use Pampers newborn, size 1 and regular preemie sizes. We also use the Wee Pees for the micropreemies. I don't really have any complaints (other than that tape is WAY too sticky) against the wee pees becasue with our tiniest babies we sometimes don't even bother closing the diaper. Plus they're not doing anything besides lying on the bed, with the occasional wiggle so a good fit isn't so important. Plus they are cute and I always give one to the parents to take home.

    So Pampers makes a micropreemie diaper?
  5. by   NicuGal
    Too expensive for our budget unfortunately. We had some samples that we used. They were cute, but we don't really diaper our wee ones...bad for the hips.
  6. by   prmenrs
    Right before I left, we had some samples, but I don't remember the pricing on them, or even what they looked like. I think whoever took over 'products' from me (that was my unpaid extracurricular activity) was going to check out the bottom line, no pun intended before deciding. As far as I know, the WeePees are still in stock.

    The parents LOVE getting 'WeePee' souvenirs! That was fun. When I first took WeePees to the hospital wide products committee, they unanimously approved them because they were so cute, and no one else made anything like them.
  7. by   kids
    I think regular newborn diapers are tiny and cute...I would love to get my hands on a diaper made for a micro preemie.

    Pathetic, I know.
  8. by   Mofe'ny
    Ok, we have the preemie swaddlers and love them. i don't like the wee pees in comparison with the pampers. The velcro is wonderful. The neat thing about the swaddlers is that you can stretch them if necessary by pulling the back & front of the diaper gently. We have used them on term kids with hyperbili after stretching them.
  9. by   nell
    We got the Pampers Swaddlers samples too and found them to be much better than Wee Pees on several issues. Our boss decided that they're too expensive and wasn't going to order them but I took one of each to her and went over the issues point by point:

    1. The narrower crotch is better at preventing frog-legs.

    2. They are more absorbent and wick the moisture away from the babe's bum, so less frequent handling is needed on those who wig out when wet.
    Also don't leak and cause more handling due to bed changes.

    3. They don't have those awful stiff, long, sticky tapes that always seem to get a piece of skin.

    4. They can be put on backwards on a prone baby more easily (although I have taken to trimming the back leg opening of the Wee Pees so they fit better when the babe is prone).

    5. Since they can be stretched so as to fit longer, that narrow little crotch is preventing frog legs long after the Wee Pees would be outgrown and the babe would be in a huge "premie" size.

    6. They're way cuter than the Wee Pees!

    Boss sighed and ordered them - can't wait 'till they come - had to fight with the Wee Pees again the other night...
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  10. by   Brownbetty
    We use wee pees on our little ones. But.....can you believe in a level 4 nicu the boss only orders one box at a time and we run out fast Leaving us to get creative or just lying our ELBW babies on premmie pampers that are bigger than them :-(
  11. by   nurseiam
    We are changing to wee-pees:-)
  12. by   NICU_Nurse
    LOVELOVELOVE the new Pampers preemies. SPECTACULAR. Love the soft fabric cover, love the stretchy tabs, love them completely. We just got these, and I hate to say it, because I always thought the WeePee's were so cute, but I am a huge fan of these new diapers. They're a bit larger than the WeePees, so the WP's certainly still have a place in our nursery, but for those in-between babies, these are spectacular.
  13. by   dawngloves
    Looks like we are getting them! Hurray! Just gotta look inta that cost thing.......
  14. by   Loves NICU
    We just got Annas preemie diapers and we all think they are sooo much better then the wee pees and pampers. They are really for the tiny ones, don't stick to their skin, and so much cheaper. I know of a few other hospitals using them and they wont go back. Hope this helps!