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NICU new grad


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I start in a Level IV NICU as a new grad in January. Everything fell into place, so I am waiting for it to fall apart.

Get accepted into a ABSN program before my gen. ed. credits expire- CHECK

Get a Level IV NICU Capstone- CHECK

Graduate with my BSN- CHECK

Pass NCLEX on the first try- CHECK

Get a job as a new grad in a Level IV NICU- CHECK

Nothing ever, ever, ever goes as planned for me. What is going on? Why is the universe finally letting things go right for me?

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Huge congrats. That's like a dream come true for you. (:

Imagine everything you're going to learn straight into a Level IV.

Best of the best.

Very impressive!

How did you get a job in a level IV NICU right out of college? That's amazing, congrats! What nursing school did you go to? I'm looking at different nursing schools for myself, and I was wondering if you go to a more prestigious nursing school are you more likely to get hired quickly? And also, maybe the reason why "everything is going right" for you is because you're an amazing nurse!

I was in your place almost 30 years ago now. The journey you are about to embark on is one of awe and wonder. I am envious of you. The tiny little persons and their brave parents. It is a unique and special place. You will be forever changed by it. I wish you all the best!!!


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Congrats. I absolutely know how you feel. I have worked in psych since getting my license 2 years ago and just got hired into a level IV NICU with no other experience. Everyone asks me who I knew in that department or what specifically I did to get my foot in the door. I didn't know anyone, didn't do clinicals there or anything. I just applied, went to the interview and was offered the job before I even left the parking lot. I am so happy for you that everything is falling in line for you. It's a blessing. Just passing nursing school and passing the NCLEX on the first try is something to be proud of, and landing your dream job on top of that is wonderful. Good luck to you.

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I think when you are passionate about the job in which you are interviewing for, it shows, and it goes a long way, thus you get the job! If someone is passionate about a certain area (and we all have that certain population that we love to care for) they know that will drive you to learn more and be really great at it!

Good luck and congrats to both of you!



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Because the universe finally said, "OK, she is good to go."

Congrats! :up:


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Sorry.....or HE