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  1. gzussu

    Homeless working the system, multiple admissions

    "What sort of entitlement? The sense of entitlement that health care should be a basic right as opposed to something a person only can get if they have the right health coverage?" Lol. Sorry. That is waaaaaay off base from what I am speaking of. Healthcare coverage has absolutely nothing to do with the the type of "entitlement" my unit deals with. Healthcare coverage, in fact, is irrelevant where I work. Coverage is a non issue.
  2. gzussu

    Advice from psych nurses

    The way I see it.....at work I need to apply nursing care unconditionally. Even if a cluster B is driving me to wanna strangle them....I still gotta do my job as a nurse.... However when it comes to my personal life I am allowed to dislike and ignore who I choose. I have no obligation to anyone outside my family. I have enough stress dealing with such pts. I don't need added drama that I'm not getting paid to deal with. I don't need that extra histrionic friend in my life. I've avoided a few of my now ex husbands friends cuz they got on my nerves. But we managed. He dealt with them and I stayed away.
  3. gzussu

    Homeless working the system, multiple admissions

    By the way, I work with a certain type of population that for some reason believes they are so special...I've worked in a prison with bona fide criminals who weren't as bad as the people I serve now. If you're homeless with a crack addiction, i find it exceedingly distasteful to be as picky, as demanding, as self righteous as you are. Three hots and a cot with snacks and entertainment. nd you still have stuff to complain about. Ugh!
  4. gzussu

    Homeless working the system, multiple admissions

    I'm so sick of the homeless that come in with this outrageous sense of entitlement. I mean ffs, you were out on the streets hungry and laying on concrete but you wanna come here a gripe about every little thing? And on top of that verbally abuse the staff just because you don't get your way or you hate our rules? Of course not everyone is like that ....especially not the psychotics. But a good majority of our patients are. And I'm so sick of how they use the system.
  5. gzussu

    Is Nursing Killing You or Making You Stronger?

    Nursing has made me much more assertive. And cynical in a good way. Before I trusted people too much. And I was gullible. My patients do not view me as a b**** bc I can balance compassion and care with assertiveness and limit setting. So nursing has made me a stronger person. Except the borderline. Can't win with them.
  6. I'm bringing it back !
  7. We have our own police unit on campus. We call them for simple walk throughs if the malingerers start acting up or seem to be scheming. We call them if we need to give an IM whether it's a dec shot or prn to a normally uncooperative patient who always cooperate once they see uniform presence. At this current job where I've been for 1.5 years I've only needed the cops to help with restraints once and physical hold I think twice. At my previous job we had security guards who helped a lot on physical holds but as long as I was there which had been 1.5 years, we had one restraint but we had enough male staff that day that the security guards weren't needed.
  8. gzussu

    NICU new grad

    Sorry.....or HE
  9. gzussu

    NICU new grad

    Because the universe finally said, "OK, she is good to go." Congrats!
  10. gzussu

    Are all nurses perpetually exhausted?

    ALL jobs are exhausting. Working people from all professions, whether they are nurses, cashiers, doctors, servers, physical therapists, construction workers/home improvement people, telemarketers, delivery people, postmen, developers, custodians, social workers, teachers, professors, MBAs, etc....All jobs have their own nightmares and headaches We nurses are fortunate that the creators of this site offers us a place to discuss our issues and allows us to vent and give/receive support. We have to appreciate that. Many other professions don't have that sort of anonymous support, but they for sure have their gripes. Nursing does have a lot of crappy stuff to deal with.....but so does every single other profession out there. Don't let the stories here scare you. It's life :) BTW...before considering nursing, we all should have know the sacrifices it entails. We work weekends. We work holidays. We could work nights. Those are the definite things we should have known about before going to nursing school. It's the other frustrations we were naive about. But at the same time.....all professions have their causes for frustration. I don't regret going into nursing. Its a love/hate thing.
  11. gzussu

    Burnout or just Cranky?

    "For instance when I told my husband that I was having, say, Tuesdays as MY day, he went immediately into Worst-Case-Scenario mode: the dishes would be undone, the laundry pile up, etc., etc, etc. But the world is not going to hell in a handbasket if a task is postponed or someone else has to do it for a change. Now I just have to re-convince myself that I am worth my own time and energy!" OOOOOOOOOOh no. If I was made to feel guilty with this argument, I'd tell my honey pie, who I love dearly,to "suck it....YOU DO IT " Not literally, of course. But in a nice way :)
  12. Our poor patients.......I always warn them when doing their admission interview that they will be asked the same questions three more times (psychiatrist, medical provider, then treatment team as a whole)....then randomly by whoever is in charge for a few days in a row. They get soooooooo annoyed by it. Can't blame them. Others don't mind the Attention.
  13. gzussu

    Do psych nurses really just hand out medication?

    Psych nursing is easy and chill....until those moments when all hell breaks loose.....and those moments are precarious because there is no algorithm to follow. There is no one size fits all resolution /de escalation......unless a take down is warranted but in the three years I've been in psych, I've only been involved in 5 or 6. It's pretty important to build a rapport with a patient when they first arrive. That way, in the event of an escalation, he or she has built trust in you that they'll listen to you. And one of my challenges with building a rapport is that for some nonsensical reason we seem to find ourselves having to do more computer/charting and phone work....and talking to providers....!!!! It's annoying. But it was like that at my other job too. Sometimes I feel like a glorified, high paid secretary. But I have been able to build a rapport with many patients that come and go. I won't lie, I don't make much effort with the high functioning homeless substance abusers. I have become unsympathetic towards them. But from what I hear from the few former medical nurses I worked with, psych is cake. Psych is mentally draining because i do deal with people who are needier than kids...who complain about stupid, trivial stuff...thing is....these people are Walky talky and not chillin in bed all day...they knock on the window every freaking second of the day and they will attack you with complaints as soon as you step out the nurses station to go pee....I've heard that psych is like babysitting....and really I can't disagree. Sometimes it can be like babysitting We do deal with medical stuff beyond insulin injections..and I enjoy it when I have to do a dressing change or have to break out the manual blood pressure cuff, etc.....I know it seems silly that I am excited when there is an opportunity but it offers a change of pace from my psych nurse norm. But that is not to say I want to be a medical nurse. I really like being a psych nurse. Can't see myself in patient care for too long though. I'll give myself about five more years then I'll move up somewhere else away from the floor. by the way. Therapeutic communication is not easy for me. I still struggle
  14. gzussu

    Dating a former patient

    Of course. I understand that. But he connected with someone who was, at least, acutely ill . He didn't say he knew her while she was well. He implied he clicked with her while she was unstable. Big difference.
  15. gzussu

    Career Frustrated

    Technically, you can't say "my fellow psychologists" because youre not a psychologist. A psychologist is a psyD. (RNs don't really appreciate cna's or medical assistants identifying themselves as nurses so I can understand if a psychologist will not appreciate being equated with a therapist with an masters degree or less). Because you have the education in mental health, you have the knowledge and understanding to be an effective psych nurse. We have several student nurses who do clinicals on our unit with BA in psychology. And they show their enthusiasm unlike the student nurses who have their goals set on medical. I'm just an ASN. I work with mostly BSN's. But I am the main treatment team nurse. Our team, you know, the psychiatrist, psychologist, pharmD, etc, does not value me any less just because I am an ASN.
  16. gzussu

    Got turned down, keep applying?

    Keep applying with that hospital but you should also apply elsewhere. Don't stagnate yourself jobwise. Even if you have to apply to work for the state (not knocking it. That's where I started it), it'll still give you experience and a pay check in the mean time, in addition to the above advices.