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LisaNICUrn has 9 years experience as a BSN and specializes in NICU.

NICU nurse since 2014, travel RN since 2017. 

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  1. LisaNICUrn

    COVID: It's Time to be Outspoken

    Love this ❤❤ I do wish people would hear our side of things sometimes. Not all of us are crazy conspiracy theorists and believe all the other things politics introduces into the vaccine dilemma. Especially us in the medical field. We have a backgroun...
  2. LisaNICUrn

    COVID: It's Time to be Outspoken

    OK I will look into the viral load information. I haven't researched it in a few weeks. And I definitely understand the immunocompromised wanting to have the freedom to live their lives as well and rely on responsible member of society. I live in Flo...
  3. LisaNICUrn

    Valid Reasons To Not Get Vaccinated

    The whole point the OP is making is there is no science. What science? The vaccine hasn't even been out a year yet. People who say "don't go to the doctor or take medication." That just shows how closed minded you guys are and how you do not understa...
  4. LisaNICUrn

    COVID: It's Time to be Outspoken

    Oh, no I understand, as a BSN prepared RN that it's not specific to the covid vaccine, and that vaccines aren't an antidote. Studies have recently proven that the viral load for vaccinated and unvaccinated people who contract covid-19 are nearly the ...
  5. LisaNICUrn

    COVID: It's Time to be Outspoken

    You know Finland, Sweden, and Denmark all stopped their vaccinations for males under 30 because of pericarditis.
  6. LisaNICUrn

    COVID: It's Time to be Outspoken

    Wow so simple yet so rationale. Wish everyone felt this way. I don't understand how we are supposed to all of a sudden throw away all of our patient rights when it come to covid. They still have a right in deciding what they do with their medical car...
  7. LisaNICUrn

    COVID: It's Time to be Outspoken

    Why do they need to be vaccinated when all it can possibly do is lesson their symptoms if they get sick? If they get covid (whether vaccinated or not) they can still spread it to you, and you (whether vaccinated or not) can still get covid. Only thin...
  8. LisaNICUrn

    I'm Done

    Everyone has a right to choose what they put in their body. Your vaccine? That doesn't even last 6 months before you need a "booster" because you're no longer protected? Or the chance of you having a severe adverse reaction to the vaccine vs the chan...
  9. LisaNICUrn

    I'm Done

    Oh gee. How about HIPAA?
  10. LisaNICUrn

    Help! Should I Choose Schedule or Specialty?

    Eww, flipping back and forth just makes night shift even worse for those who loathe it. At least if you were straight nights your body could some what get used to it so you could function. I know it might not be your ideal unit, but you sound like yo...
  11. LisaNICUrn

    new to NICU nursing and nervous

    Congratulation. Well your orientation will probably be 12-16 weeks depending on what level NICU you are at. NICU is different from any other unit. What should you expect. Well my "normal" shift (nights) starts with report, then we do our safety check...
  12. LisaNICUrn

    Oppositional defiant disorder

    Just wondering what the child/adolescent psych units do to treat their ODD patients. Not what meds or things like that but what do the nurses to do care for them when they are in the hospital. I work in an inpatient acute unit and we have a lot of pa...
  13. LisaNICUrn

    New Grad Struggles Want Psych Nursing

    Well I for one knew I didn't want any traditional bedside nursing. I started out in psych and went to NICU for 3 years, and now I'm going back to psych. I missed it tremendously. I did travel nursing for a year and had to float to mother/baby at one...
  14. LisaNICUrn

    will it get any better?

    Hi, I truly hope it gets better for you. Are you understaffed every day? Is management in the process of filling positions or does it seem that that's the norm and nothing is going to change? Like you, I feel a big part of psych nursing is talking to...
  15. LisaNICUrn

    Utter failure with my first baby that should have been coded

    I don't know if you'll ever see this, but yes, the baby did survive. He's doing great now, I see his mom on FB all the time.