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NewGrad RN trying to move to Ca

by vch1102 vch1102 (New) New

Hello Everyone,

So I am new to allnurses.com but have often found various threads to be very helpful and now I am in need of advice.

So I graduated in May '14 with my BSN. I took my exam and after a few tries passed it with a different board of nursing than the state in which i reside in. So now I have a Hawaiian RN license, but I am trying to move to California. So I have completed my application for endorsement and have sent in all the required documents. Basically just waiting now to hear back. This is where questions come in...

- Has anyone recently been endorsed in California this year? And how long did it take? (I know the website states 8 weeks but was it more or less?)

-Where should I look to apply since I have no connections or know anyone in Los Angeles?

(Would agencies, new grad programs, community hospitals even think of considering me since I have no experience what-so ever?)

-Should I apply at non-nursing jobs in hospitals in LA and hope to then move up?

I am basically desperate at this point as I do wish to move to LA with a potential job offer before the end of this summer (2015). I am trying to consider all of my options and go for them.

If anyone can please help me out with suggestions/advice/info anything really, I would gladly appreciate it!

CarryThatWeight, BSN

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Southern California is probably one of the worst job markets in the country for new grads. I'd recommend doing a search here on allnurses, and you will find literally hundreds of posts from disappointed new grads who are unemployed down there. Do not, under any circumstances, move there until you have a firm job offer in hand. Good luck.

mclennan, BSN, RN

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L.A. RN here. I strongly recommend you stay away. Jobs are scarce and hard to land for even experienced BSN RNs with specialty certifications. The average rent for a 1 bedroom here is $1800/mo, usually without parking or utilities. Don't even get me started on car insurance! Still wanna move here???


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Whatever you do, stay away from CA as a new grad. I realize HI has a pretty tough market, too, but CA is BEYOND saturated with new grads, and most of us are having an impossible time finding work, even in non-acute care settings. Your best bet is to consider another state, and then move here once you have some experience.


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Isn't the NCLEX the same everywhere? It's a national exam. Why would you think you could pass it more easily under another BON? At any rate, set your sights on another state for now, in California without connections and even with that you would be just another statistical unemployed new grad.

You are likely not going to get a job in LA by your stated goal date. Sorry bruh. Markets fierce, as all the other posters have suggested. It's probably not worth burning up your savings holding onto hopes of getting that job here. Besides.. LA isn't all that great of a city anyways.

The nclex is the same wherever you go.

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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Isn't the NCLEX the same everywhere? It's a national exam. Why would you think you could pass it more easily under another BON?

This thought process revolves around a persistent old wives' tale about NCLEX that will not die. In a nutshell, many people are under the impression that the passing standard for NCLEX is lower or 'easier' in some states. Hence, when they fail NCLEX once or twice, they arrange to retake it for another state BON thinking it may be easier.

I live in a city in Texas that is located approximately 80 miles from the Oklahoma state line. People erroneously assume that the 'Texas NCLEX' is difficult and the 'Oklahoma NCLEX' is not as hard.

It is a national exam, folks. There is no such thing as the Hawaii NCLEX, the California version of NCLEX, the Texas NCLEX or the Oklahoma NCLEX. It is a national exam that draws from the same massive test bank of questions. The passing standard is the exact same for every state in the union.


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Maybe THIS is the kind of logic that is keeping them from critically thinking and passing the NCLEX on the first try?

Regardless, the thought of "Hawaii NCLEX" sounds so exotic :D ... I picture hibiscus flowers as clickable answer bubbles on the screen and then it Lei's you when you pass ... lol!

God, I need sleep ... :/

NickiLaughs, ADN, BSN, RN

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I think everyone gave you the information you need to be aware of before you move. It sounds like OP already passed the NCLEX.

IF you can't locate a job in your home state, I'd recommend looking in rural parts of pretty much any state since it sounds like your mobile. Get your 2 years experience if not more than move where you want.

Thanks I really appreciate this. I'll stick to the plan- get the job then make the move.

I originally from Miami and prices are about the same for rent and living expenses so that's nothing new to me unfortunately. But I do appreciate you repling to my post and giving insight.

This is an option I've considered since I currently live in Miami but hope to move out. Maybe after some experience it will get easier (or so I hope) thanks for your advice.

Thanks all for your advice. I already passed my NCLEX but I have a Hawaiian License, so I am trying to endorse it in California.

Regarding rent and all I have that is set. My bf lives there and would be handling that. Plus I am from Miami and very familiar with overpriced living expenses. Luckily thats nothing new to me. Now regarding getting a job that is. I don't have any health care related work experience. Which is why I have also considered getting a non-RN job. Yeah, I spent 4 years of schooling for no reason if I was to do that. But its a start when I don't really know anyone.

I plan to apply at various New Grad Programs but like everyone has previously mentioned I'm sure 20,000 applicants vs me won't be easy. If anyone knows of locations nearby LA that hires new grads please let me know of them. I don't mind commuting nor considering staying outside of the LA area for a bit if it means I have a job.

Thanks again for everyones insight.

Nienna Celebrindal

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As a for Miami resident, CA col is not at all comparable to the 305. Just saying.

Nienna Celebrindal

Has 12 years experience.

Oh and the whole staying outside the area the thing. I live in the IE and we have a bunch of new grad RNs who commute 2 hours from LA to work as CNAs because they are trying to use that as a stepping stone to get an RN job. I work with an RN who drives 2 1/2 hours from San Diego because she was that desperate to get her first hospital job after having to do home health for 18 months.