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I apologize if these questions have been answered. There are a lot of posts to go through to find answers! I am currently a Clinical Lab Technologist that holds a BS in Chemistry from Howard... Read More

  1. by   HEARTofJADE
    Darn! I just received the list of alternatives for the 2010 entering class letter today. Looks like I'm on a wait list, i haven't given up hope but I know that it is very unlikely I will be called (I wasn't last year). What upsets me is that - and I hope this isn't the case - they disqualified me for errors on their part (which stinks since you cannot argue with the decision).

    I had a chemistry class older than 7 years which they still accepted but on my letter it stated:

    Outstanding Requirement: PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP

    I honestly do not understand why that would be put on there (i was born in brooklyn and lived here my whole life). It was not an outstanding requirement last year so why would it be this year? I really hope this isn't the reason they put me on a waiting list because they were waiting for me to send in a copy of my passport, because I was never notified of this. That isn't all. My letter read:

    Dear Mr. Kekkenth lastname,


    My name is Kenneth, lol. On every piece of documentation following this letter the name is Kekkenth. Unbelievable.

    I can't afford to go to NYU or Colombia, so for those who were accepted, if you don't mind me asking, what was your application like?

    I have a cumulative GPA of 3.2 (i know relatively low but upper science courses). My pre req transcript was at like a 3.85 and I am currently working for the NYC dept of health and mental hygiene IN a clinic (as a public health educator) and have been for almost 3 years. I don't volunteer as much but i still try to on the weekends. I did submit the application literally it got to downstate on the 14th of Jan according to delivery confirmation. (stupid on my part but i kept drafting and redrafting my personal statement)

    I don't know what I can do to improve my application, any suggestions? This june will be my THIRD time applying....
  2. by   lil lam
    I just received an acceptance letter yesterday. I mailed my application in around Jan 12. But they emailed me the following week saying they were missing a final transcript from an intersession class I was taking in January (one that was not a pre-req for the program), which I brought in about 2 days later. If anyone had this sort of situation occur, I believe this may have delayed the application a bit, so be patient--I'm sure you'll hear soon!

    I also received the same "Outstanding Requirement: Proof of Citizenship" (despite being born in and having lived in Brooklyn) on my acceptance letter. So I don't think that would be a reason for being wait-listed.

    And, yes, the waiting period was torturous!

    Congratulations to everyone accepted!
  3. by   kirham
    Why is it that everyone who dropped their app right near the deadline have heard but I sent mine in November !!!!!!
  4. by   bklynworried
    I did too Kirkham. Called today and they said to be patient. grrrr.
  5. by   caugust
    I dropped my application off the day before the deadline and I have not heard anything yet. The wait is killing me.
  6. by   kirham
    I called this morning and got no answer. Does anyone know the total number of students they accept. I think its fifty. This waiting is really upsetting me but i am trying to keep my cool.
  7. by   HEARTofJADE
    I think its more than 50, if memory serves correct it was more like 60 to 65 i believe
  8. by   kirham
    Called again today and my application is still being review. Sigh. I dropped it off in november
  9. by   JeanettePNP
    Quote from chinofish
    I think its more than 50, if memory serves correct it was more like 60 to 65 i believe
    My class has 56 or 58 students. I think they accepted 60 initially but a couple did not register for whatever reason, and one or two dropped/failed out. In general, though, this year they have been very good at student retention, and will work with students to keep them from failing out of the program.
  10. by   spearlm1
    I just got my acceptance letter from SUNY a few days ago (maybe the 16th? crazy busy so I lose track). I didn't turn in my application until a couple of days before their deadline, because I was finishing up some pre-reqs, so I don't think the time that you applied has anything to do with it.

    They said that they need a $100 deposit which is only refundable if I ask for it back by April 1 - so I assume April 1 was their deadline - but the deadline was not immediately apparent from the letter.

    Last month they sent me an email saying I needed to send them more information about my sociology pre-reqs. (Can't figure out why they care, anyway). I sent them a load of info from my undergraduate college, but could not get anyone on the phone or by email to confirm that it was what they wanted. I guess it was, since they accepted me. Honestly, my application was really strong, so they might have had less thinking to do about it.
  11. by   mamalizza
    i got my acceptance via fed-ex on st. patty's day (application went in on 1/15 on the nose). the letter said they still needed information from me, even though i thought it had already been taken care of and verified. either way, to answer my own question earlier, acceptance packages must be turned in within two weeks of receiving the letter.

    @chonofish- my aunt, who is in admissions at columbia, told me it's best to contact them (admissions) and ask for the specific reasons why you were deferred so you can work on that for the next application period. in all cases i think you get the best responses if you do a walk-in. my undergrad was spotty, but had a 4.0 in all my science pre-reqs. did well on my net exam. and had some good reccs. how was your essay?

    hope that helps

    and ps- proof of citizenship was listed as missing on my application as well!
  12. by   HEARTofJADE
    Thanks for the advice, I think that is exactly what I will do and walk in to speak with them. I just don't know who to request to speak with? Dean of admissions?

    Yeah the application is about the same- spotty undergrad (even one F) but cleaned up very well afterwards. I thought I had a solid application. I think the essay might have hurt. I had a solid one but kept revising and revising, it was just so hard to keep it at 250 words but everyhing else was good I thought. Oh well, not gonna give up! More volunteer work and reapply in June
  13. by   kirham
    Sigh. Still waiting to hear. According to the sect my app is still with the admissions dept. In hindsight I should have waited until the last min because I probably would have heard something by now. Has anyone wait listed ever got into the program the same year they were put on the list