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kirham's Latest Activity

  1. Sigh. Still waiting to hear. According to the sect my app is still with the admissions dept. In hindsight I should have waited until the last min because I probably would have heard something by now. Has anyone wait listed ever got into the program the same year they were put on the list
  2. Called again today and my application is still being review. Sigh. I dropped it off in november
  3. I called this morning and got no answer. Does anyone know the total number of students they accept. I think its fifty. This waiting is really upsetting me but i am trying to keep my cool.
  4. Why is it that everyone who dropped their app right near the deadline have heard but I sent mine in November !!!!!!
  5. Torture is not the word that describes this wating process. I just wish they were more organized
  6. I hope so. I had a not so stellar undergraduate life but made up for it afterwards. Hopefully I get accepted. If not then it's back to the drawing board.
  7. Nope. No mail today! I sent them the grade report from my two final courses in January. Sigh. I wish they would just hurry up already
  8. I wish I would get an answer too. Does anyone know what their system is? It's really driving me crazy. Of course i want to get into the school but i need to make financial arrangements. Its killing me
  9. Still waiting! And I applied in November. It sucks that they can't get on the ball with this. I may have to quit my job and preparations must be made.
  10. kirham

    NYU vs. SUNY Downstate for Accelerated BSN

    I'm still waiting to hear from Suny if you can believe that. I applied back in November and this waiting is killing me. Wow Suny's administration sucks
  11. It seems as though many people have gotten acceptance letters and I have yet to hear anything. They did email me a while ago asking for my grade report from my anthro and chemistry course. Is that a good sign? I'm loosing my mind here. I'd rather them tell me something, good or bad. It doesn't help that I just moved! I did change my address with the post office and them, but with that administration who knows Just curious, but for those who were accepted was it a big or small envelope
  12. Congrats on the admissions. Do you mind if i ask what were your net scores and gpa. Also did your acceptance come in the small envelope or the larger one
  13. Hey did anyone hear from Suny yet? I'm still waiting and they said they just started reviewing applications
  14. kirham

    Curious About Drop-out Rate In Nursing School

    Its so sad to hear about the drop out rates in some of these schools. I'm having such a hard time getting into a program because of the competitiveness. It makes me wonder how qualified some of these admitted people are. I'm sure there are some instances where students have to leave the program but it does make me wonder about the others
  15. kirham

    BMCC - - Pre-Nursing Students.....

    Get all A's in the prerequisites and have a GPA above a 3.7 at least it is very competitive!
  16. kirham

    Can I still do it?

    A tutor helped me with my sciences, but I am also a self learner