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Has anybody applied to NYU for the Fall 2007? If so, have you heard anything yet? Thanks... Read More

  1. by   Agenyc
    Quote from Sammi15
    NYU will accept 30% out of the entire pool of applicants.
    That's what I heard at the open house. They get about 900 applicants, and admit about 50 transfers, 50 accelerated and 100 freshmen.

    The whole process is very frustrating
    Now is a good time to exercise all that patience........
  2. by   Free Spirit 1
    Quote from Agenyc
    I applied to NYU as well as a transfer ( my only one so far.....bad idea)
    They are still "processing" and never received my HS transcript...

    Dear HOH11225
    I do believe that the NYU freshmen application was due in January for the fall. Check their website.
    When you do fill it out I recomend that you do their on-line application, it is much easier. And I got instant email confirmations.
    You don't have to fill it out all at once. You can keep logging in and out and submit it when you're done with it. I do recomend that you keep hitting the "save" button, though. I learned that the hard way...

    I applied to NYU as well for the accel. program starting this fall. They e-mailed me as well saying they are still processing and did not receive my HS transcript. I faxed them a copy, so now i just have to wait and see...
  3. by   gogatsby
    I'm applying for the accelerated 15-month program starting in Fall 2007. It says on the website that we will hear early April...which is soon!

    Best of luck to everyone!
  4. by   lilkaymin
    I just got my acceptance letter last wednesday. Non accelerated BSN as my second bachelors degree. But I don't think there really is a an 'accelerated' BSN there. It's just summer school and you save one term.

    If anyone is going to NYU this fall(accelerated or not) please email me at de518@nyu.edu or my aim sn is lilkaymin. I'm looking for friends or people to talk to who are going to NYU! I'll be taking 12 credits of the prereqs this fall and it would be great to know some people ahead of time!
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  5. by   chuck1234
    Besides the BSN Program...sometimes you have to try other options as well...such as LPN Program....Hospital based Nursing Program...
    I went from LPN to RN Program....sitting and waiting for something to happen is one way to do it, but it is not the best way....
    Always hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst....
    The bottom line is...if you are trying every options...you are maximize the chances to become a nurse...isn't it that is all you have wanted....
  6. by   MiaNJ
    Quote from Nikki422
    I've applied to a few schools, but nothing else in the NY area, aside from Seton Hall. I'm looking at Drexel, LaSalle, Villanova and NYU..These programs are so competitive..eeeks.
    If you don't mind North NJ, which is closer to NYC than PA, there are several schools such as Rutgers (in Nwk just 15-20 min from NYC penn station), William Paterson, not to far away and even cheaper than Rutgers. These both have traditional BSN and accelerated BSN.
    Also, UMDNJ Newark, has an Accelerated MSN/BSN and traditional ASN (but thru a community college).
    Fareigh Dickson is also in NJ and a bit deeper in NJ.

    In NY, there is also Pace University, and College of New Rochelle which have excellent nursing programs.
  7. by   Nikki422
    WEllllll has anyone heard anything? I got my acceptance letter on tuesday butttttt..I really don't think I'll be going as a I put down my deposit somewhere else..I don't know yet for sure though..it depends a lot on financial aid
  8. by   Ari RN
    I'm thinking of applying to NYU's MSN (PNP) program for the Fall 08 semester. Anyone else applying to grad school there?