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i am feeling overwhelming with the studying of the drugs that columbia wanted us to know. i understand knowing the side effects are important. but do they really ask you about drug interaction and... Read More

  1. by   pbicurn
    For all of you that think there is no practice NLN test online, there is! You need to go to the home page, testing services, then press on Pass web and print the pages out. Fill out the part where it says Basic medication administration for the RN and fax it to them. You get the test within an hour during regular hours of service of course. There has been so much miscommunication and I just wanted to clarify that! Wish you all the best, I have yet to take the test but I will soon!
  2. by   bhongpds
    Hi Ebony RN! Can you also tell me the name of the book for NYP exam? thanks so much!
  3. by   Anielka
    Hi Ebony_RN-

    Would you be so kind to also send me the study guide for the Pharm exam. HR did not provide me with one, and just told me to purchase the NLN practice exam from their website.

    My email is

    Thank you so much for your help, I appreciate it.

  4. by   bhongpds
    Hi all! Ebony_RN and Anielka,
    can you also pass the NLN practice exam when you have it. Thank you so much. My email is! I appreciate your reply.
  5. by   Anielka
    Hi Amadan-

    I tried to reply to your PM but there is some sort of allnurses restriction that is stopping me. If you provide me with your email address, I would like to respond to you. My email address is below.

  6. by   newRN88
    Hi ebony RN
    I cant help but see how helpful your blogs are and i thank you for that!I am scheduled to take my pharm exam in two weeks.- NERVOUS WRECK! Any helpful advice you could offer me? I bought the recommended book and the practice NLN exam online. When i called NLN they said the exam i take will be the same thing . Is this true??
    Also i didnt receive any list of medications or packet/ outline for the pharm exam. I saw you had emailed this to some other bloggers. Any chance i could be lucky to receive that as well???

    my email is

    Thank YOU!
  7. by   CCB11
    I am taking the exam next week wed...i need help...please. Thanks
  8. by   dance4life
    You can find study tools online. I went through an agency so I received no study tools. Look under Nurse Pharmacology, Nurse Drug Calculations, or work on what you struggle with. I passed too, but I think it is because I have been a nurse for 7 years. I just always make sure to review the math calculations and Insulin peak times. Trust me I am a bad test taker, well I was in nursing school. Eh, who knows.
  9. by   LauRn17
    [FONT=comic sans ms]Hi amadan..

    Your comment seemed extremely helpful in the thread of pharmacology exams. I just had a couple of questions.. I am a ICU rn in a level 1 trauma icu and have been a nurse for 5 years.. I am moving to NYC and have been offered a job at NYP cornell and am trying to find out a little more information about the pharmacology exam before I take it in a few weeks, where did you find that you could register for the practice tests? and is there a study guide (or is that just a rumor)? thank you!
  10. by   LauRn17
    Hi CCB11-- how did your test go? I am an experienced nurse, but also a new hire to NYP.. I take my exam in a little less than a month... any suggestions? good luck!
  11. by   jr_sr
    is the retake the same as the first exam?? any information can really help
  12. by   Hinal726
    Hi Everyone! I am taking the NYP Pediatric Pharm exam in March and I was wondering if anyone had a study guide that they offered? I was just given a sheet with the recommended book (Pharmacology/Rationales) and that was it. If anyone has the study guide and could please email me at that would be greatly appreciated! I'm trying to get ahead and study while working full time at my current job so finding it a little hard! Anything would help Thank you!
  13. by   Hinal726
    Hello Ebony RN,

    I have read and seen how helpful your posts have been to others! I have not received anything regarding the NYP Pharm exam minus a recommended book that is very broad. I am taking my test in March and am very nervous! Any chance you would be able to email me a study guide for this exam or any material that may help me out? I appreciate it very much!!

    My email address is

    Thank you VERY MUCH!!!