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i am feeling overwhelming with the studying of the drugs that columbia wanted us to know. i understand knowing the side effects are important. but do they really ask you about drug interaction and... Read More

  1. by   Ldee
    Can anyone plz provide with suggestions in how to study for the pharm exam. Any study quides? Im really nervous since I havent taken a pharm exam in a while. Any help is highly appreciated. PLz Help.
  2. by   ExpatHopeful
    Your pharm exam is not scheduled until after you get a job offer at NYP, so don't worry about it yet.

    When/if you get an offer they will give you a sample test and information on how to study for it well in advance of the test. They recommend the book 'Prentice Hall Reviews & Rationales: Pharmacology'. Only 25% of the questions are drug calc, the rest are about side effects/contraindications for commonly given meds.
  3. by   Ldee
    Thank You for responding. I will take your advise and await to see if I will get an offer first.
  4. by   dariah
    I just failed, too. Not by much, so I'm hoping for the best next week. I only got a breakdown in terms of percentages, no review of the actual questions. I'm studying ACE inhibitors, beta blockers, and cholesterol drugs HARD now.

    It's tough because a lot of the drugs were obscure, and I work in ob/gyn and never see this stuff!
  5. by   ExpatHopeful
    Dariah - did you buy the practice test from the NLN website? My friends who bought it said that it was extremely close to the actual test given. It might help you the second time around if you haven't already purchased it.
  6. by   dariah
    I was given a practice exam from the HR recruiter, 60 questions. Similar in style to the exam I took, but the material varied. When I log on to the NLN website, I don't see many options. I took the demo, which was only 5 questions. I can't even review the questions I missed on the test. Sigh.
  7. by   ExpatHopeful
    Yeah, there is another test you can purchase from the NLN. Not the demo and not the practice exam NYP emails you. I don't know how my friends found it/bought it because I couldn't find it on the NLN page either. Maybe you should call the NLN and ask them. They said it really helped them because it was so close to the test given. They kind of freaked me out before I went in to take my pharm exam because they were going on and on about how helpful it was and I hadn't done it.
  8. by   dariah
    I think there is some issue with that practice test being down from the NLN's website. The nurse recruiter mentioned something about not being able to access that which "we can do nothing about."

    But anyway, I retook the test and passed, hallelujah. My advice for anyone having to take it would be study the classes (ACE inhibitors, statins, Beta blockers, Ca+ channel blockers, antibiotics) and know side effects and contraindications. There was one calculation I missed both times, but I don't know which. I never got to see which questions I got wrong or what the right answers were.
  9. by   amadan
    I just took the exam and passed first try.

    I studied with the Prentiss Hall Pharmacology book and used the CD as practice, and these questions were much more 'tricky' than the NYP exam. Nevertheless it helps to keep doing questions. The exam wants to know you are familiar with categories and common drug types and their common, well-known side effects.
    Most drug names usually will have a clue in the actual name to tell you what they do; example: ' Brethine' or the ' ol' or 'ine' endings, and yes you should know what they are primarily used for.
    It helps that I have been a nurse for a while.....
    Good luck all-
    Feel free to ask me any other questions for anyone who feels panic-y.
  10. by   NY RN1234
    Hi Amadan,
    I'm taking the nyp pharm test in a few days and I am super nervous! I have been studying the classifications of drugs, the main drugs in each category, and main side effects of each category. I also bought the book they recommended, however I didn't study from there because I felt it was too detailed. I did do the questions on the CD and I did ok on someone of them, but they are hard. Any other tips would greatly be appreciated!! =) I just want to pass on the first try, and not live in the fear of not having any job since I already gave my two weeks at my current position =(. Also have you heard from anyone who failed.. I'm wondering if they give you a print out of the questions you got wrong and if they give you the same test if you fail? I'm so scared and any advice is much appreciated! Thank you so much!
  11. by   amadan
    NY RN 234 Relax-
    I know there is too much to take in in the pharm books. If you have been studying questions then you will be happy to see many are very easy to answer, also there are a lot of calculation questions which are not difficult. This means that as you get a lot right, obviously the number you can get wrong is less, I calculated you would need to get 13 or so wrong to fail.
    The difficult ones are as usual remembering which side effect for which class, but obviously Ex. the patient with liver damage is the one you will question the order for a statin, right?
    When they ask about a drug name (with no description of what it does) they are looking for your knowledge of what it does , so don't overthink the answer it's not as hard as those nasty CD questions really! Chances are you will know what it is not and what it most probably is.
    I have heard of a few people on this forum who failed first time, and they all seemed to get it on the 2nd attempt. I too did not want to have to do this.
    FYI I got 96%. You will do fine.
    Let me know......
  12. by   pbicurn
    Hey Amadan

    I'm taking the test this coming Thursday and I too am anxious. I bought the review and rationale book. I am only doing the CD questions because I know that if I study all that material it'll be way too much and confuse me! I feel like I get questions wrong though and the questions can sometimes be twisted as well. That practice test that they gave us, some of the questions confused me. Is the test just like the practice test? Are there any categories that take most of the test that I should focus on? You did great on it! Congratulations. I left my job already and this test is basically everything to me so that's why I'm so nervous about it. Were the questions straight to the point or were they tricky? Thanks so much
  13. by   pygjess
    Quote from Ebony_RN
    Congrats on getting the position! If you PM ml your email address, I can actually email you the pharm/orientation pdf file that has what you need to study for, what book to purchase and info on orientation.
    hi Ebony I'm also going to take the same test would u please be able to send me that file as well.. I'm so nervous thank you