CUNY Help: BMCC & Hunter

  1. Hi there everyone.

    Sorry to vent, but i'm a little bummed here today.

    I am a second career nurse to be. I am so excited, did lots of research into NYC nursing schools and various programs (accelerated BSN, getting an Associates, etc) and applied 2 months ago to CUNY.

    I finally decided that BMCC was the place for me, based on several things, but mainly, the fact that I was told on the phone that there is no waiting list. Plus, it was appealing to me to get an associates degree – start working as a nurse – and then go back to complete a BSN as time allowed and hopefully on someone else’s dime!

    So I applied to CUNY and listed as my first choice – BMCC.

    A CUNY representative said to be safe, I should list a second choice. So I listed Hunter.

    Well, I called today to check on the status of my app (I’m getting anxious to get started and want to sign up for summer classes) and after I entered my SS#, I got the message, “Congratulations on your acceptance to HUNTER”. Well, my heart just sank. I immediately called back and spoke to someone who said that there was probably a waiting list at BMCC and preference went to current students.

    Although I already have a BS and hopefully some of those credits will transfer to Hunter, it now means I’m going for a BSN and going part time that means I won’t be a nurse for many years. VERY FRUSTRATING.

    Adding on to my frustration is that during my research stage of different schools I was told that at Hunter they only accept 80 people or so from a pool of over 200 applicants each year to their nursing program. So I may end up applying after my first year and not even getting in.

    So sorry this is so long, but I really had to vent. Anyone have any insights they can share? THANKS!!!
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  3. by   LadyT618
    Did you ever look into Beth Israel School of Nursing? I'm almost sure I heard that Kingsborough Community College is the one CUNY school that does not have a waiting list. I'm not sure though. Then again, I don't know if you'd mind going to school in Brooklyn.
  4. by   nycNurse2b
    I will definitely look into it. Although even if they tell me on the phone that there is no waiting list, i am not so sure i am going to believe them!!

  5. by   Lilnurse0803
    [font=Microsoft Sans Serif]Hello nycNurse2b,

    [font=Microsoft Sans Serif]I am currently in my second semester at BMCC and I can tell you for a fact that BMCC has no waiting list, however, if you do not get in you have to keep reapplying and hope that you make the cut-off GPA for that semester. :stone

    [font=Microsoft Sans Serif]Last year, 3.38 was the minimum GPA that got admitted into the clinical portion of the program. This current semester, the lowest was 3.53. The key is to ace your classes to better increase your chances of getting admitted. I just submitted my application for the Fall semester and will know whether I got accepted by the second week of June. I am praying that I can get in.

    [font=Microsoft Sans Serif]Please let me know if you have any questions.
  6. by   minnielynn
    Hi everyone,

    I just applied to bmcc and i a working mother of 2 w/ a full time job. For those of you who currently attend BMCC , can i split my pre-req's into 2 semester so that i can concentrate on my classes, therefore, getting a high GPA ? Instead of trying to rush into the pre-reqs?

    Oh and this is if i get accepted, still waiting for a response.... I also applied to Hunter, but I rather get into a 2 year then proceed for my BA.

    Thanks GUYS!!!

    Also how are the pre-req's are they easy going classes?
  7. by   mrsabradford
    I am currently a pre-clinical student at BMCC with a BA in Communications. If you want the real deal on this school, e-mail me and I'll be happy to give you the info. Let's just say the education here sucks. I have an appointment with the Dean of Students on May 4th.
  8. by   LuvaNurse04
    I just want to say that to remember that everyone' s experience is different. As a graduate of Hunter College and BMCC's Nursing program, I am very pleased with the education that I received from both. BMCC's nursing graduates are successful on the NCLEX the first time around and are as marketable to hospitals as are graduates from other schools. The proof is in the pudding. My classmates and I have all been offered jobs with various hospitals around the city. All I'm saying is of course, we have the right to share our experiences, but please don't discourage each other.

    By the way, I could not get into Hunter's program so I decided to graduate with a Health Sciences degree. I then went to BMCC for Nursing. The competition there (Hunter) is fierce, at least when I was there. I do know people who have gotten accepted, but it depends on the applicant pool for that particular semester. I don't know how high your GPA is, but the applicant pool is usually large and it used to be only 66 slots.
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  9. by   minnielynn
    in what way is BMCC bad? i really need to know , i am a working mother of two and going to a school to waste my time is unthinkable. thanks for the honesty.
  10. by   paula77720
    i's from la guardia .... i heard that there's no waiting list but you have to have a high GPA to get in.... at least 3.7 in all your pre-reqs. CHeck it out. Its a tough program but its worth it. 100% passing in NCLEX last semester.
  11. by   mrsabradford
    Quote from minnielynn
    in what way is BMCC bad? i really need to know , i am a working mother of two and going to a school to waste my time is unthinkable. thanks for the honesty.
    I already have a BA degree. I've also attended four different schools in acquiring my degree: Pace University, BMCC, City College (visiting student) and The College of Mount Saint Vincent. When I attended BMCC in the past I gave it rave reviews now from what I have seen and heard I beg to differ.

    When teachers don't go to class, don't return your assignments on time, if at all. Don't teach at all, quickly skim through material and expect you to learn it. Test you on things not covered on the chapters assigned. Last but not least, students are evicted out of the class that they paid for before time during every class because the student union wants to give a party and security has to secure the building, I think my "one bad experience" should be mentioned and taken seriously.

    Furthermore, when I registered for a three hour class x times per week and the school accepted payment, an implied contract took place. Well, I didn't get what I paid for. I am not telling anyone not to attend BMCC. I just believe that everyone has a right to make an informed decision.

    I don't buy into this being "politically correct" thing. I believe in keeping it real. I am going to give you the truth, as I see it. We are all on this board for the same reasons to give as well as receive advice and to give moral support. As busy as my schedule is (work full-time, BMCC part-time and CNA school part-time) it pisses me off that I have to teach myself nursing math, my worst subject, this is a class that is needed (I believe) for the state boards. Later this afternoon, I will have a follow up meeting with the dean of students concerning these issues.

    Understand my frustration and wish me will.
  12. by   LuvaNurse04
    I do wish you well and I'm sorry for the experience that you're having. I personally never felt that it was just "one bad experience". It is obviously a collective series of events that has made you feel that way about the school. I hope my post did not make you feel that your feelings were belittled, that is far from it. I look for advice and suggestions from others here as well and I will always want someone to "keep it real" with me too. It IS frustrating when you are not getting what you paid for. I hope that the school will resolve this matter.
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  13. by   Papercutz
    although i am not a nurse (im a PT) i am a graduate of both laguardia and hunter college. i have been through all the red tape of cuny and then some. it can be very very frustrating and annoying, but unfortunately this is the price you pay when trying to get into a public (and very cheap!) college. For people who have families and need to get out of school and work fast it's almost impossible because it does take a long time to get all the prereq's done, because so many classes are filled up quickly.
    the bottom line is plan on taking more than 2 years to get an associates and more than 4 for the bachelors.

    The up side is I got a great education; and i've heard Hunter nursing students also get a great education.
  14. by   minnielynn
    I am very sorry to hear what you have been going through and I do thank you for sharing that experience. I really hope that all goes well with the dean, for your future education and ours. I hope that administration takes this situation seriously and rectifies it. Let us know the outcome of the meeting. :uhoh21: