Bronx Community College's Nursing Program...

  1. What do you all think about BCC's Nursing Program. Please give your honest opinions? Is it a great nursing school????
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  3. by   aespangl
    I was curious about the Bronx Community College as I was thinking of applying there. I applied to the BMCC & Kingsborough. I am hoping for BMCC.

  4. by   neb4882
    Quote from Ari RN
    What do you all think about BCC's Nursing Program. Please give your honest opinions? Is it a great nursing school????
    Is it a great nursing program? From what my friend says yes, the professors are helpful, they are there for you after hours for help etc. In my opinion when I atteneded this school to major in nursing, it really didnt appeal to me due to many factors such as being placed in a class i didnt need and i wasnt able to be reimbursded for it, the enviorment suck, some of the profesors just let you get by, the list just goes on

    Also from what I heard there is a waiting list for the RN program , as for the LPN I didnt hear nothing about a waiting list.
    I really cant say anymore because I left that school as soon as I realized that this school could give rats a** about the students, lets just say its more about the MONEY than the education

    But this is just my opinion. If I may add, My aunt went KIngsbourough community college in Brooklyn and from what she said its an excellent program

    Congrats on graduating and goodluck in searching for a school. I WILL be attending the college of New Rochelle for nursing and I cant wait ( yeah Yeah)
  5. by   I Dream of Nursing
    Kingsboro blows and the Bronx aint looking too good either

    There are 3 pretty good Nursing community colleges that is nassau manhattan and queenboro ..all pretty decent and i think queensboro u need to be the creme a la creme <however its spelled> but yea shes right about bronx only caring about ur money a lot of community colleges are like that except the 3 i listed ...nassau im not too sure of i havent heard a great deal about it
  6. by   aruray
    whats manhattan? i hope ur not talking about bmcc.

    ive seen bronx cc nursing students in action. theyre great. i wish i could be one of them. so theyre doing something extraordinary there. how easy to get through their program, i dont know. bmcc, i think its relatively easy to get in. work hard in getting those A's and make sure u be in the right classes. but once ur in, they teach u sloppily. so if ur serious about a decent nursing education and really work hard on it...i suggest u cross out bmcc on ur prospective list.
  7. by   CoolNurses
    OMG!!!!Run-Run -Run....away from that college....and save your sanity!!!.... They should shut down that program, it's more agony than anything else. Trust me...It's true it's all about the money, they don't give a S**t about your well being, they wreck lives, families and jobs and leave you with nothing but Sorry you are done!!!.. a few have made it through but ask anyone they will tell you also to run as fast as you can from that school, I graduated beacuse i refused to be part of their statistics and yes they will mess you up psychologically!
  8. by   morah
    Quote from Ari RN
    What do you all think about BCC's Nursing Program. Please give your honest opinions? Is it a great nursing school????
    I have so many things to say about this program. I work full time and decided to go back to school to further my education. Bronx community College is in close proximity to my job so i gladly applied believing it would be a perfect fit for me....To my surprise i was sooooooooooo wrong.

    I maintained an A average throughout my preclinical courses i heard negative stories about the program but paid no attention to them because i honestly felt if you put time and effort into studying you will be fine.

    The professors are unapproachable, rude and could care less about the students. They bark at students like dogs, speak to you in a demeaning manner and gossip all day. Things you are told to read and study does not show up on the exams. The professors are not qualified to teach. They take pride in putting students down and setting them up for failure. They try to teach Therapeutic communication, but if you don't apply it in everyday life how do you expect your students to follow.

    The average on their exams are very low and instead of trying a different teaching method, they review the exams with you by telling you "to try another studying method because the one you have does not work and you will never make it here"...Good use of Therapeutic Communication don't you think.

    I raise my hat to those that have made it through, i am quite sure you have repeated a course or two during your time there and have been humiliated a time or two on your journey!

    I would never recommend this school to anyone....RUN RUN RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN..
  9. by   Princessyo
    [font=book antiqua]run like mad from bronx community college. i live right next door and thought it would be a great idea to get my rn. first of all, i have to be honest and say it is not the bcc i remember from the late 80's. most of the faculty is of hispanic origin and they cater to their own. the staff in the nursing department are rude, condescending and quite demeaning. i agree with another post that they should be shut down. they are notorious for stretching a two year program into three and if that is the case you may as well go and get a four-year degree. i think if all of us who have experienced this treatment ban together and begin writing to the head of cuny and even start contacting some of the local television stations maybe something will be done. we need to make some noise!:angryfire
  10. by   mb1949
    I can only say I attend BCC --1 semester to go, if I had to do it over I definetely would not go to BCC, some of the professor are great some are horrible, but they make you jump through hoops, very few people get through without failing a class and oh well I could go on and on, just go somewhere else
  11. by   alexnyc
    Thank you guys for all this important information.OK.if BCC so you know some good place to study LPN in NYC? Please let me know.
  12. by   amel mohamed
    Oh god////// I am running. God helph them all
  13. by   lpn2013
    I will not be attending bcc!!!
  14. by   CoolNurses
    i couldnt agree with u's a shame...grading from the Chairperson who is completely useless...ViceChair who thinks the world revolves around her and everyone has to kiss ass...callous, rude, evil plotters and definately dogmatic and unapproachable and yes they do deliberately set you up for failure if you are smart, and dont take crap from them...they don't take challanges from students at all, no ethics, no principles and no marals...some instructors are a pack of useless you know what and yes there are a few that genuinely care and try to be there for students but one out of 10 does not cut it...that Program does not deserve to operate or granted's a psychological nightmare...