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I was recently hired to an agency, and this will be my first pediatric home care case. Majority of my background has been residential or outpatient settings (all pediatrics). I am very excited to be able to use more of my nursing skills, but a little nervous because I don't know what to expect. Any suggestions on skill set, home care etiquette, etc. Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated :)

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Hello, I just always remembered to behave as a guest.  I learned that it’s about what the family wants even if I disagree or even if it isn’t clinically sound, and to just document what they said and the education I provided.  I was always on time and tried not to give unsolicited advice.  I did not get involved in family matters and I just listed therapeutic listening when they vented about personal matters.  I also refused to give anything that wasn’t in the chart but would reassure parents that I could put it in so I’d be in compliance.  Oh, and do you assessment at beginning of shift no matter how comfortable you get.  Good luck.

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Depends on the case, but expect to deal with feeding tubes, ventilators, tracheostomies, suctioning, performing ADLs, CPT, seizure disorders, ROM exercises, assessments etc.