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hello all,

i wanted to see how many ns are like me. i am starting ns in august and i am 58 years young. just wondering how many more there of us!!!

Idaho Murse

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In my class there is a lady who is 61. The only thing I can say or ask is that you don't try and mother your class mates like the one in my class :) But the fact that you are going back to school is awesome!


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I just started nursing school in May and I'm 48. I would say there are around 10-15 people over 45 in my class of 180. I'm really enjoying it and I think age gives me some perspective some of the others don't have. Good luck to you and have fun with it!


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I just finished the first semester of Clinical. I had to complete all prerequisites before. I go evenings/weekends and work full time. I have 3 more semesters to go. Oh - I am 57! Lots of work, but I love it and love the challenge.


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I start in August. I just turned 52.



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I haven't been accepted yet, but I'm hoping to start LPN school in January. I've done all the testing, just waiting for my interview. I'm 54.


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I'm 58, and will be starting a two-year second bachelor's program on my 59th birthday (at the end of August).

thanks all for answering. i don't feel quite like the "lone stranger" now. i took almost 3 years of pre-reqs, but the end of my second semester i lost my beautiful 30 year old daughter to a heroin overdose. i knew i had to continue to go to school and finished my finals that semester with my classes. i am proud, anxious, excited and scared to death all at once.

i am so thankful for allnurses. this is a major source of support and encouragement.:yeah::yeah::yeah::nurse::nurse:


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I just turned 49 and will begin nursing school in the Fall. So many family members and friends think I am crazy but I'm lookin forward to the challenge.

So sorry about your daughter.



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I'm curious ... how are you all paying for school? I knew someone who became a nurse in her 50's and her story did not have a very happy ending - largely because of the huge student loans she acquired. When she started having health problems in her late 50's, she realized she would not be able to repay all of her loans before retirement, if ever.

As someone who does some career counseling, I am wondering how you are handling that issue? (BTW, I am 54 ... but have been a nurse since I was 22.)

I sold my house 3 years ago to do to school. Right now that money is gone, but I still qualify for Pell Grant, scholarships, grants and loans. I am so lucky that I am able to stay with my sister and go to school. That helps on my expenses alot. I work all summer for the up coming year. I have had to get one student loan so far, but if i get the scholarship I have applied for it will be my last. I am 58 and in excellent health. I hope that I am doing the right thing.:yeah::yeah:


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I think that the health risk is always there, no matter what the age. Granted, it definitely is higher the older you get. I try to stay in good health and hope that in nursing there are so many different areas to work that if I couldn't work 12 hour hospital shifts there would be other nursing jobs I could do. I personally don't plan to ever retire (I'm 48 and just starting out). I hope to work in a hospital for 5-10 years then teach, and then there is even teaching courses on the internet if you couldn't or didn't want to be in front of a classroom. Teaching might not pay as much-but it would still be working using the nursing degree.

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