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  1. Female nurse coworker sexting me from work

    Well, I think legally you have to ask that person to stop whatever behavior they are doing before you can do much. Have you asked them to not do that? If you have and it continues, you have a couple choices. Do nothing, tell your manager if it contin...
  2. how much salary/hr should I expect since I'm a new grad RN?

    Based entirely on location. And in what line of work you are in. In Idaho the hospitals start around 22/hr and other places start at 30 and still other like California could be as high as 35-40. But you must take into account your cost of living as w...
  3. Skip the LPN portion. Also getting an associates in 2 years then doing your BSN isnt a 6 year deal, usually 4-5 total. I say skip the LPN portion because you will probably spend 15-20k for a program to get a job that pays 15-20 an hour. The return on...
  4. Clueless

    you know your final goal, you are in an LVN program. My question is why are you in an LVN program and not a BSN program? You need your BSN before you can even think of becoming an RNFA, being an LVN just adds an extra step and a lot more debt that is...
  5. the unemployed new grad survey

    I am not sure how many replies you will get with your survey. Most people want some semblance of anonymity, and those are some pretty telling details. Just a thought.
  6. Family complaint? Throw the nurse under the bus!

    Actually there are tons of programs in the NW, and there are surpluses of new grads everywhere. PS didnt mean to no address the OP just couldnt let that go with out a comment.
  7. prolonged vomiting replacement fluid?

    Any hypotonic solution caries a risk of cellular lysis. If it goes on too much you can cause some major problems. hydrocephalus comes to mind
  8. Contagion?

    Read about the flu epidemic in the early 1900's. It will blow your mind.
  9. I feel defeated

    Well update on my situation, my nurse recruiter, manager, and CNO, all said they had my back and not to worry. They understand that it was not my fault and that I am keeping my job.
  10. I feel defeated

    I was licensed, just not in the state. They were aware and knew that I would have to endorse over, and were ok with that. But the fact that me having to wait at least 3-4 weeks before I can do direct patient care may be the deciding factor where they...
  11. I feel defeated

    not in the state I am in unfortunately.
  12. I feel defeated

    I have actually started working, I was in orientation on all week. So I have gone through a lot of steps to be here, and it just feels like the rug is being ripped out from under me.
  13. I feel defeated

    I felt so happy and elated when I found out I got the job that I was really looking for, on a floor that was my passion. I feel defeated because one of the stipulations of the job was to have my RN license before aug 8th. I submitted my information t...
  14. Med/Surg II practice questions

    Saunders nclex books are great. I used those to pass my nclex about 3 weeks ago.
  15. Endorsing RN to Oregon

    When I called i was told 2-4 weeks.