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New nervous nurse


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Hello fellow nurses, I'm coming off of orientation at my hospital and will be on my own tomorrow night. I was just wondering if any of you felt nervous on your first shift by yourself?


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I'm sure we were all nervous for our first shift on our own. I sure was. I remember saying a prayer in the car on the way to work. God- watch over my patients today. Just know that you are not alone on that floor. Ask for help when you need it. Good luck and have a great shift! PS I still say that prayer!


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YES!!! that was over 7 yrs ago, and I remember it like it happened last night....I worked a med-surg floor, had 21 pts, 14 of which were fresh surgeries, had an LPN and a CNA with me (5 call ins that night) and I was charge of course d/t circumstances.....and I also got a call a few minutes into shift that my son had been taken to another facility d/t threat of suicide. My employer basically said I could leave but since no RNs available, it would be considered abandonment. Also facility that received my son said I wouldn't be able to see him anyway d/t processing and assessment-strange how a psych facility works.... I was usually charge after that just because of how I handled myself that night. And I have always said that it probably couldn't get worse, and I don't think it ever has....I'm just lucky that me and my patients survived. Oh, and the LPN had just passed boards, and her preceptor had called in as well, so we were both just riding it out that night....it was quite a storm!


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You know we did.

katkonk, BSN, RN

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I had this odd feeling of being an imposter....someone impersonating a nurse. I kept wanting to say..."I don't know, but I will go ask the nurse". Then I realized....I WAS the nurse! ;)

Of course I was nervous! I had anxiety attacks during the first month and I had knots in my stomach every day I came to work for months. Once I felt like I had a good handle on things and could take on anything that came my way - the feeling went away. I think what your feeling is natural.

you pray first. ask for wisdom and knowledge to our Almighty God. then always have a presence of mind. leave all your problems behind and focus on your work. our work is never easy and we should be careful. don't hesitate to ask questions and make sure to ask the right one. Most nurses now don't have an initiative


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I can't imagine not being nervous. I think it takes quite a while to get where you are not even a bit nervous. My very first shift alone, it was just me in LTC, no RN on that night and I had a ton of meds to give and of course there were two incidents, one of which had to be sent to hospital. I had done my meds on time, but I was there an hour past shift end to help the next nurse and to wait for the ambulance, do charting and other paperwork. At one point, I felt so overwhelmed but the choice was to stay or leave and get nailed for abandonment.

I bet your first night will be much better. Good luck.


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Of course. That was four yrs ago. I had a very supportive group of RN's I worked with, which made it better, but I was still nervous and scared. You'll do fine and each night you work, your comfort level will increase.