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  1. meadow85

    As a Nurse what are some things that make you sick?

    Cleaning up loose or melena stool and then having that lingering smell ... ugh!
  2. meadow85

    First time you put your stamp on the world as "RN"

    I did my consolidation at this hospital and was used to signing my name as "Jane Doe, SN" (for student nurse). I remember after I passe my boards I was signing off a chart and at the very end I excitedly wrote the letters RN after my name. It was an awesome moment :)
  3. The salary was one of many reasons why I went into nursing. I love my career, but I would not do it for minimum wage.
  4. meadow85

    Why is nursing such a horrible job?

    Although I love my job. I find it emotionally, physically & mentally draining sometimes. There are too many demands and/or expectations when your just one person. I feel like I am a jack of all trades sometimes. We should be given the resources (enough staff) to do our best for our patients and not become burnt out. And we need to be shown more respect and appreciation for the work we do.
  5. meadow85

    Am I crazy because I love med surg???

    I did med/surg for a little over 2 years and it was a great learning experience. A lot of hard work & dedication. However I cannot picture myself doing this forever. I have always had an interest in critical care so thats what I am doing next. I don't think I would be as prepared for this next step if it weren't for my med/surg background. Med/surg nurses do it all (this can be good and bad) and are very well rounded. I have a lot of respect and appreciation for them. But I was beginning to feel burnt out. I want to be able to focus on one or two patients and do an excellent job as opposed to feeling burnt out or worn down from staying late (w/o pay) making sure all my patients are settled for the next shift, last minute orders are carried out, loose ends are tied up, giving a good report, very thorough charting etc. Or the other option being leaving on time, but doing a less than stellar job and losing sleep over it.
  6. meadow85

    Interested in Nursing

    I believe you need your bachelors. They have 2 year program for those who already have a previous degree. Well in Canada anyway!
  7. That is so creepy ... But I agree. Some old and confused patients can get physical. Grabbing and hitting sometimes.
  8. meadow85

    Education 101: ER vs. ICU

    I respect ICU nurses, but I have had bad experiences with our Emerg. Receiving poor reports, transferring unstable patients to the floor, getting upset when we can't take all 5 patients at once etc. I think our first priority should be the patient and to work together for the sake of our patient.
  9. meadow85

    RN's working overtime

    Well I can only speak from experience plus I love in Canada so I don't know if this is much help. At my old job we worked four 12 hr shifts then had 5 days off. At my current job we work three 12 hr shifts then 2 off. You get OT if you work more than 75 hours or if you work 3 weekends in a row. I think it depends on the organization and union. $70K + is ambitious .... I need to move there - hehe!
  10. I know this might sound silly, but I just watched an episode of 'Mercy' where the nurse gave chest physio and it reminded me of my COPD/Lung CA patient who needed CP over the weekend and was not treated because PT doesn't work on weekends. It looks like an interesting enough skill to learn. I remember studying postural drainage in school .. vaguely. Are we expected to perform this?
  11. meadow85

    Are "real" nurses as mean as my future instructors?

    I consider myself a nice person, but I have high expectations of others and myself. Therefore I may come off as being "mean". Some students are willing to learn and work hard and I can appreciate that. Others I have serious doubts about. Would this scenario not make you livid? Recently I had this one particular student had no work ethic/accountability whatsoever. Neglected our patient all day and later I found out she was in the lounge all day surfing the net by a colleague?! All the time I thought she was busy with another pt. All she did was the vitals and even that she couldn't do because she never charted them after she showed them to me?! I did all the care w/no student in sight. She happens to show up after I am done the wash or the dressing change and says "oops I'm late again". Honestly it was such a crazy day I didn't even realize until the end of the day that she never reported off to me. Like there was anything to report anyway other than her absence. I spoke to her instructor but I have a feeling it was not addressed. She is going to get a BIG reality check if and when she graduates which is supposed to be this year. I was even debating if I should notify her instructor. She even had the nerve to ask why I was "angry all the time". Because of people like you who don't take their job seriously and expect everything to be handed to them and feel they are somehow entitled. The RPN students work 10x harder than the RN students. It amazes me.
  12. meadow85

    Do nurses actually teach patients assigned to them?

    I do patient teaching when they ask me how their vital signs were and I explain the numbers on the monitor. When I give them their meds I explain what each one is. I describe what kind of procedures they are going for. I explain their blood results if I need to give blood products. I do teaching with them upon discharge like what meds they need to fill out, home care arrangements, follow-up appointments, diet changes etc. I especially do teaching when administering chemo, I give them the info sheet on each chemo drug I am putting into their bodies and let them know what S&S to expect or look out for. I involve the family as well. Its also important to reinforce as needed. I think we all do it in subtle ways throughout their stay not just when they are discharged. I find patients & families really want to be informed and involved. They ask lots of questions and if I cannot answer them all I refer them to someone who can. They don't know how to navigate the health system as well as we do.
  13. meadow85

    so eager to report coworkers!

    I find some colleagues are more eager than others to write up incidence reports, yes. I like to speak to that nurse personally to give them a heads up and if it was serious then write up a report. I would appreciate the same consideration. Because there nothing like the feeling of being called into see the supervisor and she goes over the report with you and you clearly see the name of the person who reported you, and didn't have the guts to speak to you face to face. Usually something minor anyway that didn't even cross my mind. It breaks that trust factor. It should be a learning experience not an opportunity to "punish" someone.
  14. meadow85

    Wow that was stupid!!

    Yeah I suck w/C-Paps as well. I had a family member tell me the machine was all set up and all I needed to do was press the button. Easy right? RT comes around at midnight and tells me it was not connected to the 02 and the lady was sat'ing in the 80's. I was mortified and was afraid I killed my patient (she was admitted for resp failure and was in ICU initially). Needless to say I call RT to see all my patients on C-Paps from now on. Which turns out was their job anyway, but they were running behind. You live and you learn.
  15. meadow85

    Are verbal orders still done?

    I do them once in awhile. T/O and V/O that is. Usually because the MD is busy with another patient and I feel my patient cannot wait until he/she is seen next. Just to get the ball rolling like someone already mentioned. Or the MD is off on another unit and cannot come right this moment or cannot be bothered to.
  16. meadow85

    Is It Just Me...

    I remember when I was in my first year of nursing school my cousin would put me down all the time by saying "at least she didn't have to wash old people". And now she wants to become a nurse because of the job opportunities and generous pay. She has been unemployed for a year and no longer enjoys her field of study which was childcare. I support her, but another part of me feels resentment. Becoming a nurse is not easy and not everyone can do it.

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