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Hi,there everyone,

i have been seeing this site alot as i look for info for school and i have feel in love with it.

i am a 45 yr old nursing student and i started sept 9th,after 20 yrs in factory work they closed us down and moved over sea,s and i was given a oppurtunity for a free ride to lpn questions are.How in world do i know if i am really retaining,i am so overwelmed i have atleast 2 breakdowns a week,by the blessing of someone i have been passing all my exams,i am wondering if anyone can suggest good note taking and studying for exams,i think i write way to much during lecture and study way longer than i should,i start to get to a point where nothing is sticking and oh my goodness,i have not done math in 28 yrs..thanks guys

Welcome! I'm semi-new myself and do more lurking than posting.

welcome! it's a great place!

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Welcome. I've learned many things on this site. I say do what works for you stud wise, sounds like you're doing great. I don't think it's possible to write or study too much. Good luck.

sammi57, nursing school is very tough. I am an LVN for just a year, I had numerous breakdowns during school because I was also working full time, but I had my fiance's support (now my hubby) and my family's support. It will pay off in the end! Just read, read and read, carry your notes, flashcards and test yourself. good luck!


This is a great site to be on all kinds of stuff. The people are great on here. Feel free jump in anytime but i have to warn you there's so many topics once you start posting you might not want to stop. Again Welcome enjoy your stay good to have ya.. These are my thoughts use them as you wish..

thank-you everyone for the welcome..its so nice to no its not just me that freaks out..

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I made flashcards of all my lecture notes. I did this immediately after I came home from lecture so that I could retain it and carve another fold into my pea brain! Sometimes I would have over 100 flashcards from lecture. I made A's on my tests, so I think it helped some. I have seen students record lecture. One of the wisest professors I had in school told us to put down our pens and LISTEN. Then she gave us handouts of the lecture to reinforce what we heard. It was great advice.

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Hi, sammi57. I'm also new to AN and a pre-nursing student. I've found a lot of information in the nursing students sections. People have posted numerous study tips. Basically, try to find what style of learning works best for you. The internet is an amazing resource, you can look up videos, outlines, pictures and diagrams to supplement whatever you learn in class. Perhaps you can go to your professor's office hours and have them take a quick look at your notes and tell you what to focus on. Note taking is a skill, you can also try to look up guides on how to take notes! You can do it! Cheers!

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