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Hi everyone!

Just wanted to start out by saying that, from what I've read so far, I think this is a great board, and I hope it will be more constructive than other boards I've looked at, lol.

My name's Dan, I just got accepted into nursing school in Lafayette, IN. I'll be attending a three-year diploma school, I can't wait!

I've applied for a job at the local hospital as a nurse's assistant, my thinking is any introduction or work in the medical field can't be a bad thing at this point. I guess my question is this: When in life did you figure out that you wanted to be a nurse? This is my second go-around on a career (Slavic linguistics didn't exactly turn out, lol). I have many family members in the profession who are nurses, but I never really thought about taking that path until recently. Now that I've researched it, I've become absolutely fascinated by it, and want to make it my life's work.

Best of luck to all of you!



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Welcome to the board Dan! Nursing will be my second career too...English didn't turn out so well either! :D Good luck and Welcome!



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Nursing has always been my passion...but I decided to be a wife/mommy first...actually started school 14 years ago, then got married, had kids etc, started back again in 2001! I will graduate May 2004! I can't wait!!

Your idea about getting any exposure to medicine is a good one, just don't overwhelm yourself with too much on your plate!! Once you get goin' with nursing you will need lots of study/practice time.

You will probably find that this board will be your only link to sanity after a while!! :rotfl:


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I used to be a teamster and drove a fork lift. I went to college at 22 and graduated at 26. I got my BS in 2001 and just applied to graduate for my MS I finished this year. I was not old but I always liked helping people. DRiving a lift was not very rewarding LOL.




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First of all, WELCOME!! Secondly, I totally agree with nurseshell, do not put too much on your plate. My first year I was able to work three 12 hour shifts per week. Now, in my junior year, I am only able to work 1 eight hour shift per week. School is my priority and I will do whatever it takes to get through it...I graduate with my BSN in May 2004.

Best of luck and if you need to vent, ask advice, or just talk this is a great place to do it...I've been here for quite awhile and the support has helped immensely!


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Welcome Dan! good luck to you in your schooling!

As for me, I think I have wanted to be a nurse forever, it just has been getting to it that has been the problem.


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Nice to meet cha' Dan and welcome! :) You'll love it here and find before too long you've become addicted.

I realized I wanted to be a nurse after the birth of my son about a year and a half ago. I had to have an emergency c-section and was so thankful for the support and caring from the great nurses I had. I can't think of a more rewarding career than being a L&D nurse. So that is my hope ( to be a L&D nurse).... but I just started my pre-req's and haven't got accepted into my school's program yet. Best of luck to you. :)


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Originally posted by nurseshell

You will probably find that this board will be your only link to sanity after a while!! :rotfl:


Need to look quite hard for anyone sane round here,Sweetie!!!:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Hi Dan!

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Yes, this BB is a great place! I've learned so much from reading the posts. I'm starting nursing school later this year, and it will also be my second career. I have a BS in Environmental Science, but have been working in IT for a few years. Blah.

Slavic linguistics certainly





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Slavics was interesting....though I quckly discovered that I really wasn't going make much money at all in that line of work. I took enough Russian (4 1/2 years) that I'm now quasi-fluent. So......yeah......does anybody need help on their Russian homework? lol.....Thanks for all the replies, folks!


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