Anyone Going or been to NHTI Nursing program?

  1. are you going to, or been to nhti's nursing program??

    could u tell me what it's like?

    i am having a hard time seeing that i can work full time in northern nh where i live, and go to classes and clinicals in concord.....

    i am also worried about how much it's going to cost!!!!

    thanks in advance for any input!
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  3. by   RedSox33RN
    I attended NHTI for a while, doing pre-req's, but didn't get into the nursing program when I applied - twice. I've heard it is very competitive to get into, but well worth it if you do.

    I don't think it is that much money. I'm paying $20K a year now to go to Rivier in Nashua, which is much more than the tech in Nashua, another program I got into, but I would have had to go nights.

    Maybe you'd be able to cut back your hours to part-time, and get a loan for living expenses while you're in school? I'm going back to the nursing program in January, having taken a year off to finish my sciences and get a divorce (HA!). THere was NO WAY that I could commute 2+ hours a day, study, do clinical AND the science classes, and manage 4 kids - and that was w/o working! I know people do it all the time, but I just couldn't, so taking a leave from the nursing classes to finish up A&P 2 and Microbiology made sense for me. I've had to take out extra student loans to cover some gas/living expenses, but I believe education is worth all of that.

    Good luck to you! I know there are some from NHTI on this board, so maybe they'll pop in and give you some good pointers on the nursing program there.
  4. by   DeirdreAM
    I'm in my 2nd year at NHTI in Concord. Very competitive to get in. They like you to have most or all of your prerequisites done. Entry is pretty much based on GPA and the nursting entrance test (I forgot what it's called). The program is intense. We're learning all we need to know to succeed on the NCLEX in 4 semesters (the program doesn't go on in the summer). I worked part time during my 1st semester but then only this summer. I'm only taking the nursing core class and lectures are Mon & Tue, lab Wed am, clinical on either Thur or Fri for the first semester. Second & 3rd semester, lecture Mon & Tue am, clinical on Thur & Fri am; 4th semester, same thing or they might compress the lecture time into all one day for 4 hours. There is a lot of studying for lecture tests, and preparation for clinical. Most of us don't have much of a social life while in school; but many have families, work part time, and some even work full time (they arrange their schedule with understanding employers). The cost is approximately $2500 per semester, not including books & uniforms, most of which are purchased before the 1st semester. I think the program is a good preparation for the NCLEX. Work hard and you will do well. Also, I understand tha money is available through loans & such. Check into that. Good luck!
  5. by   JPaka
    I have taken many of my pre reqs through NHTI and was planning on applying...I met with the director of admissions for the program and NHTI's criteria for the NLN exam seemed very strict- she said you could only take it in Jan, so if you did not pass you had to wait an entire year. I met with admissions at Rivier and although more expensive, they seemed so much more reasonable. Parts of the RN pre-entrance exam can be re-taken right away, unlike NHTI, so I wouldn't be set back a year. I have enjoyed the instructors and classes I have taken with NHTI, don't get me wrong, I am just very nervous about the entrance exam and willing to pay more to have a little less stress and tension about the whole thing! There were a couple of other factor's that Rivier offered I liked better. And NHTI is stopping their evening RN program, which may be limiting to some.
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  6. by   niko1999 RN BSN
    Im HOPING to get into the one in stratham if not, then manch-vegas or concord(I live in stratham, so niether would be a HORRIBLE commute). Still need to take the tests though, and I have a few prereqs to finsih. Luckily, I have transferable credits from Plymouth state. Ive started studying a little bit for the test, doesnt seem too hard-just the math part. It seems a lot like SATs actually, which I did well on, except for the math part. So for those who get in this semeseter or are getting ready to take the test, let me know. Oh, and does any one KNOW when the next test dates are?? Cant ifnd them ANYWHERE
  7. by   NHmommy
    each school has different dates for the NLN exam. Call the schools and find out. You can take it doesn't have to be at your school of choice. Just send the grades to the schools you're applying for.
  8. by   kukukajoo
    NHCTC-Laconia may be a good option and a good program- I am in now and we have a nice small class of 15. More north than Concord and there is also Berlin if you are way up there.

    I could have taken the NLNs as often as needed to pass and they will even let you just re-take a section if the others are fine. I don't know if this has changed, but last year this was how it was when I applied. Also, the NLN was not hard- the anticipation of the test was worse and having to be there 3 hrs was no picnic either but I scored very high despite 18 years out of school!

    Good luck!
  9. by   podell
    I graduated from NHTI three years ago. I can tell you it is a very challenging program with little room for mistakes but I flet way more prepared then some of my colleges that came from other prgrams. NHTI has a reputation for putting out new grads that are exceptional take a look at the NH Board of Nursing it will show you the rate of passing the boards 1st time around. NHTI is right up there my year of graduation I think only three people didn't pass the first time around. They are so supportive and I live in Northern NH with three kids while i was going to school. I taped lectures and listened to them to and from school so that I could have that driving time as study time and they were very accomodating with clinical and the weather. Good luck and I hope you choose NHTI
  10. by   AnnieOaklyRN

    I am a second year student at NHTI and I also work 36-44 hours a week depending on my motivation, never less than 36 though. I do have a job that has down time though so I can squeeze some study and/or work on a care plan :angryfire (you will learn to hate these evil evil things). Anyway you can do anything if you have the motivation and your heart is in it!!!! Good Luck and start studying your math skills now!!

  11. by   Cardigan2
    How long did it take for you to get accepted? I'm considering this school also but I have no idea what the criteria for acceptance is. I wll be taking all my prereqs prior to applying.
  12. by   kukukajoo
    here is some information from the nhti website: (general link for info for nursing program)

    nursing rn (nhti)

    preference will be given to students whose applications are complete and received by the nhti admissions office no later than february 2, 2007 for fall 2007 admission. students will not be considered for admission until all admission requirements have been met.
    1. high school or college biology with lab and chemistry with lab, both with grades of “c” or higher;
    2. college preparatory algebra i with a grade of “c” or higher or nhti’s mt 103 and mt 104 both with grades of “c” or higher;
    3. fall 2007 applicants: minimum “all” score of 50 in each section (verbal, mathematics and science) on the national league for nursing pre-admission examination-rn (nln). the 2006 - 2007 nln information is available here in pdf or request a copy in print.
      • tests taken between september 2004 and may 2005 may be submitted and the previous scoring method (minimum “composite all” score of 50) will be used.
      • if a student who took the test between september 2004 and may 2005 wishes to retake the test, the scoring method used in the selection process will be the one most advantageous to the student;
      • students who took the test prior to september 2004 or who have not yet taken it must take the test no later than the january 6, 2007 testing date and will be evaluated using the new scoring method;
      • priority consideration will be given to candidates who complete their nln requirement no later than the january 6, 2007 testing date and submit the balance of the required application documents no later than february 2, 2007; applicants are permitted to take the nln exam only once in any 12-month period; when retaking the test students must take the entire test and will not be permitted to take just the portions of the test on which they received a low score; information regarding registration for the test may be obtained from the admissions office at 603-271-7134 or 1-800-247-0179.
    4. submit, on nhti nursing reference forms (pdf or request a copy in print), two references from professionals, supervisors or teachers.

    applicants must be in good physical and mental health in order to qualify for rn or pn licensure. in addition, state boards of nursing may have specific requirements regarding prior convictions of offenses and licensure. please contact the board of nursing in the state in which practice is planned regarding licensure requirements. satisfactory completion of program does not guarantee rn or pn licensure.
    standards have been established to provide guidance to students as to skills and abilities required to function successfully in the program and ultimately in the profession of nursing. applicants who think they may not be able to meet one or more of the technical standards should contact department faculty to discuss individual cases.
    1. sufficient hearing to assess patient needs and to understand instructions, emergency signals and telephone conversation.
    2. sufficient visual acuity to observe patients, manipulate equipment, and interpret data; visual acuity sufficient to ensure a safe environment, identify color changes, read fine print/writing and calculate fine calibrations.
    3. sufficient verbal ability to express and exchange information and ideas and to interact with patients, family members, physicians, peers and other ancillary medical personnel.
    4. ability to work with frequent interruptions, to respond appropriately in emergencies or unexpected situations and to cope with extreme variations in workload and stress levels.
    5. sufficient strength and motor coordination to perform the following physical activities: manual dexterity in handling and lifting equipment; frequently moving, lifting, and transferring patients; and performing cpr.
  13. by   AnnieOaklyRN

    I got in on the first try probably because I had already graduated from their paramedic program with high honors.

    They go by a point system and count your GPA, how many gen ed classes you have done, your NLN score, work experience, and your references.

    They usually receive 400ish applicants for 100 seats, so most people do not get in on the first try. I would recomend that you apply for fall 08, since it is to late I beleive to apply for this fall. They may also have the new nursiing building done by then, which will allow them to accept 50 more people. That will give you over a year to get your general classes done and take the NLN exam. Make sure you study for that, especially the math because you can only take it once in a year.

    Good luck and feel free to PM me if you have more questions. I am graduating from there in May and can't wait.

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  14. by   Hrspla

    I'm doing pre-req's at Laconia and I was told that you can take the NLN every six months?! I'm planning on taking it in May and then again in December because I not sure the scores will be back if I take the test in Jaunary instead....

    Good luck!