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Hello everyone. I am a new nurse. I just graduated in May and passed the Nclex in June. I am in a bit of a pickle. I understand that new nurses are mostly hired into night shift positions and I know that beggars can't be choosers. Still, I made a huge effort trying to find a night shift nursing job somewhere, anywhere but ultimately was unsuccessful. However, I can't figure out what to do about babysitting. I have a 6 year old who will be starting first grade in August and I have no family in the area. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have used the Employee Assistance Program for the hospital I was hired with and they have not found any overnight childcare options for me. I have done research online but have not found any childcare offered at night nor can I find anyone on who even offers the hours I would need. I did have family who was going to be able to help me but sadly their circumstances changed and they are no longer available. I am getting desperate. If anyone has any suggestions at all I am all ears. For reference, I live in Concord, NH.

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Are you straight night shifts or day/night rotating with a majority of night shifts? I don’t have kids but I heard from my co-workers that nights are better for childcare since you can see them in the AM when you get home. Maybe reach out to the nursing schools in your area and see if any nursing students would like a part time babysitting job? I had a friend in college who used to babysit when she was in school. Hope this helps.

One of my daughter's friends stayed overnight in a lady's home to watch over her for pay while she went to a local school during the day. When you go to the schools offer the position as an economical live-in situation. Person has place to stay while getting paid for being there at night. Place ads at schools, church and store bulletin boards, employment/housing websites like craigslist, etc.

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