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  1. OncologyCat

    How long does the process for endorsement in New York?

    I’m sure it varies case by case, but I’m curious as well. I’m toying with the idea of relocating to NYC, and the recruiter told me while waiting for the unit to reply to my application, just endorse my license to NY to accelerate the process. I don’t want to waste money if I don’t get the job, but what if I get the job and my lack of NY RN license will hold my job offer or start date back
  2. Hi, Just curious if you had an interview with NYP yet. If you did, could you please share your experience? I have an interview with NYP-Columbia this week and just want to prepare myself thank you much!
  3. OncologyCat

    Nursing Instructor/Teacher

    I know Colby-Sawyer is looking for clinical professors. I think they don’t require you to have a Masters to teach at first, but I’m sure a Masters degree/currently enrolling in a Masters program would be preferred. One of my med-surg professors didn’t have a Masters when she taught us but again, she was studying for her Masters at tje time.
  4. OncologyCat

    NCLEX: Do I HAVE to have UWORLD/Klimek

    I never used UWorld and still passed the NCLEX in 75 questions. My school used ATI, so I used that, and I bought a Kaplan review book per my prof’s recommendation. That’s all I used for NCLEX prep after graduation.
  5. OncologyCat

    CGFNS Re-evaluation question

    Surely! I think they know we need them, so they just work at their own pace. Good luck to you though; hopefully everything will work out on time
  6. OncologyCat

    Does anyone here actually like nursing?

    We double glove (with the longer and thicker chemo glove) and wear a chemo gown. We also have closed system transfering devices (we used Equashield) on our lines.
  7. OncologyCat

    CGFNS Re-evaluation question

    Dealing with CFGNS is so frustrating! I was literally on hold for 45mins until I can talk to their rep, and even the rep was not helpful! Honestly, when all your requirements are checked off and you have the option to pay tonexpedite your process, do it! It’s really worth the money, and my VisaScreen was approved exactly 5 days after I paid my expedited processing fee.
  8. OncologyCat

    Verify NCLEX results for Visa Screen

    You should call your state board of nursing and ask if they already have any process in place. For me, I wrote a formal letter explaining to the board what I need them to do for me and why, the CGFNS form, and a check with the BON requested fee for processing. My state doesn’t issue a physical license so I also printed my license out from the BON website. Hope this is helpful.
  9. OncologyCat

    Oncology NP

    I’m working inpt onc so the two inpt NPs we have on the unit were both trained as Adult-Gero NP. I think in the outpt cancer clinic or infusion clinic FNPs could be more popular, but again it can be facility-dependent
  10. OncologyCat

    Does anyone here actually like nursing?

    I have a “thing” for oncology (and I’m obviously biased here), so I love almost all my onc (especially stem cell transplant) patients. Sometimes our unit has overflow neuro or ortho pts, but it’s not the same tbh
  11. OncologyCat

    Nursing Immigration within the US

    My current employer sponsored me for a green card. I’ve been a green card holder for a couple months now. I have to say I’m very fortunate they decided on that route for me, because the hospial did say it is a big investment, and they have never done it for nurses before. I was the first nurse to be sponsored, so there was a lot of smoothing out and preparing the appropriate paperwork to submit. I did go to nursing school in the US and did all my clinicals, externship, and senior practicum hours at this hospital, so I’m familiar with its settings and functions. My alma mater also had a very good relationship with this hospital, and my dean advocated so much for me to be sponsored, so I think that’s why I was lucky.
  12. OncologyCat

    Pre-Nursing Student, International

    It is gonna be difficult, especially if you haven’t worked in a healthcare setting before, or from a foreign country. Healthcare system varies from place to place, so the fact that you’re moving to a new country to study nursing is already hard itself. Nursing school is not cheap. Even if you receive scholarships and/or grants from the college, you’re most likely responsible for the cost of books, required vaccinations and healthcare screenings before clinicals, scrubs, stethoscopes, etc. It is going to be an investment, but it will be worth it.
  13. OncologyCat

    Just wanna say hello!

    Hi all, I’ve been roaming around allnurses for almost 2 years but not until now did I decide to finally open an account so I can actually participate in a posted topic Anyway, I just want to say hello to you all near and far For my background, I work in oncology and just got trained in stem cell transplant. I think that should be enough for a first intro post anyway I’m so glad to officially join allnurses and excited to talk to you all soon!
  14. OncologyCat

    Stupid hurts.

    Was a camp nurse one year. A camper was playing with his pocket knife and stabbed himself in the knee, freaked out, accidentally stabbed deeper into the artery, freaked out again, and had a nosebleed.