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OncologyCat has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Medical Hematology/Oncology/Stem Cell Transplant.

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  1. Hi OncologyCat! I'm an international nursing student with a F1 visa. I am graduating in May 2021 and I'm planning to take the NCLEX this Summer. Was wondering if we could connect because I don't know any other international nurses out there!

    1. OncologyCat

      OncologyCat, BSN, RN

      Absolutely! Feel free to pm me if you have any questions! 

    2. Rebecca Minn

      Rebecca Minn

      Where did you get your first job on OPT and how was that experience? 

  2. OncologyCat

    Ocn certification

    I would think so! When I did my practice tests at home I didn’t feel like I was prepared and usually scored around 60-70%, but the actual exam was less challenging for me to be honest with you. I did have to think through the questions and rely on my previous clinical experience but I made it through. Best of luck to you; I’m sure you’ll do well!
  3. Hello @OncologyCat!

    I wanted to ask you more in detail about your experience with OPT/EB3 visa and your experience settling down in the US as an RN overall. Is there any way I could contact you privately?

  4. OncologyCat

    Moving to Boston

    I had 2.5 years of experience when I moved to Boston and was offered ~$32/hr without diff. From my experience Mass General Hospital is paying slightly higher compared to Brigham and Women’s, but they don’t have a nursing union there. I was told the Mass General Brigham system is the best paying hospital system (which makes sense cause it’s also happened to be the best known system in MA). Beth Israel Lahey is another big one. I know of Steward Health Care (which includes St. Elizabeth’s Medical center) but I’ve heard the working conditions for nurses there are not as good; they do have a nursing union but I’ve seen nurses protest against SEMC quite often pre-COVID times. If you’re trying to cut the cost of living, don’t live in the immediate city area; it can be expensive, especially with the combination of college students finding apartments in the same area. Some more affordable towns can be Watertown, Dorchester, Roxbury, Waltham, Reading, Marblehead, Andover, etc. I have coworkers who even live in Newburyport. Just be aware that you’ll still need to pay for parking.
  5. OncologyCat

    Hospital with postpartum unit

    Have you looked at hospitals around Providence area? Commuting across tiny New England states 3 days/week can be challenging, especially in the Winter (though I'm sure you have the Winter driving skills since you're coming from MN). I know Mass General, Brigham and Women's, Boston Medical Center, and Beth Israel definitely have a post-partum unit, but I believe they expect you to be flexible and agreeable with cross training. Maybe look at small community hospital outside of Boston (such as Newton-Wellesley, Winchester Hospital, Cooley-Dickinson Hospital, North Shore Medical Center).
  6. OncologyCat

    F1 Nurse New York Greencard sponsorship

    Look into states that have a nursing union since not all states have one. I heard California and New York both have great nursing union system, but the hospitals can be, understandably, difficult to get in. Massachusetts also have a nursing union. Not sure how familiar you are with obtaining work visa from Canada to be able to work in the US, but I've heard it can be challenging and time consuming, especially with COVID-19 and many federal offices have limited open hours. I'd suggest you look into that aspect to plan ahead and act early.
  7. OncologyCat

    Moving to Boston

    If you want to do acute rehab you can try applying to Spaulding as well. Not sure if you know about the Mass General Brigham system (which used to be Partners Health care) which is a system of hospitals together including Mass General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Newton-Wellesley Hospital, Martha Vineyards Hospital, etc. Spaulding is also in that system, so if you have trouble finding jobs at the hospitals, you can try applying to Spaulding and put in your years there and then transfer to other hospitals as an internal applicant when a job is posted. Good luck! I also applied from out of state to Boston with no family in the area so if you have any questions let me know and hopefully I can help!
  8. OncologyCat

    Relocating to NH...advice please

    I’m glad you followed your gut intuition! Can’t ignore those feelings especially when you’re a nurse! I hope everything is working out for you now.
  9. OncologyCat

    Ocn certification

    Congratulations! I’m glad my advice was helpful!
  10. OncologyCat

    Relocating to NH...advice please

    Not a good place to work according to my colleagues who moved from Portsmouth Hospital. It sounds like they explicitly care much more about money than pt care. HCA has been notorious as a poor employer especially for nurses. Not worth a switch imo. I’m working in Mass now and honestly I’d much prefer the working conditions in Mass; plus I love having the union.
  11. OncologyCat

    pay scale for boston RN's?

    I find myself loving Boston. I’m Asian born and raised, and luckily have not experienced anything like what @Serhilda mentioned. I love my coworkers, and coming from a predominately Caucasian state I like the diversity in Boston. I’m sure there’re cases where discrimination occurs, but let’s be real, it can happen anywhere.
  12. Hey I saw your post about your opt running out while waiting for opt. I was wondering if you could connect with me so I can talk to you. Thank you.

    1. OncologyCat

      OncologyCat, BSN, RN

      Hi! I didn’t have any issue with my OPT/OPT running out, so I’m not sure if I can be any help. But let me know if you have any questions and I can try to answer to the best of my knowledge.

    2. essie.ys


      Hey @oncologycat, I also saw your post and wanted to ask about the opt and eb3 sponsorship process. My workplace is sponsoring my visa, but due to the pandemic right now the priority date for eb3 is on hold and my opt date ends next month. I wanted to ask if you were able to get the visa sponsorship after your opt expired and past the 60day grace period. I am assuming that your employer filed for you within the grace period? I just wanted to ask if you were in the same situation as me. I would greatly appreciate any help! Thanks in advance.


    3. OncologyCat

      OncologyCat, BSN, RN

      Hi @essie.ys

      I got my green card in 2018, wayyyy before all this pandemic happens so I’m not sure what the process is now.

      I did not have to use any days in the grace period, or to be exact, I never entered the grace period. I was approved for advanced parole before my OPT expired so I was able to work legally the whole time. I was all set for my way to green card before my OPT expired.

      Here’s my timeline for your reference. I graduated in May 2017 with an OPT expiration date of June 2018. My employer filed for my green card in December 2017. In March 2018 I was approved for advanced parole with an EAD (not green card, just a work permit allowing non-US citizens to work in the US; Advanced Parole was valid for 1 year), so I was able to work up until my green card was approved in Oct 2018.

  13. OncologyCat

    Has anyone left nursing job due to COVID19 virus?

    I’m working on an inpatient oncology covid unit right now, and that’s the only reason why I’m provided with an n95 for my shift. So yes, I agree, maybe working in Covid units/ED/ICU, is the safest choice for now, provided that staff is equipped with appropriate ppe. I know my colleagues on regular inpatient onc floor can still keep their pt on the floor if the team decides to rule the pt out for covid, but staff is not given any n95 unless an aerolising procedure is performed! Also, I know of an onc pt who was only on contact precautions for mrsa and had been admitted for a week, and as she started spiking fevers the team decided to test her for covid, and voila, she’s now positive and moved to my floor. Wonder how many staff went into that room without masks on when she was only on contact.
  14. OncologyCat

    Has anyone left nursing job due to COVID19 virus?

    That’s why I’m staying in inpt for now. I’m working on a covid unit so that’s the only reason why I’m provided with an n95 for my shift. I have an interview for a cancer center outpt clinic that was supposed to open in June, but with the covid going on IDK if the clinic is opening within that timeline. My main reason for wanting to quit is the public has no idea how hard our job is, and I’m just frustrated I don’t have support from leadership, most of whom staying at home social distancing while us in the frontline have to work without proper PPE. The CDC constantly changes its guidelines to how much PPE we have left. Heck, Trump is accusing us of stealing PPE! We’re deemed essential, but seems like no one is taking care of the essentials. I’m enraged, but also stuck.
  15. OncologyCat

    Has anyone left nursing job due to COVID19 virus?

    I have been thinking about quitting healthcare altogether the past few weeks 😂 In all seriousness, I was considering moving to outpt the past month. I’m working night shift inpt and it takes a toll on my body. I’m kinda burned out when I work inpt too (has been doing inpt for almost 3 yrs), so I thought moving to outpt with a reg schedule (no night/weekends/holidays) may be a better gig. But yeah after this pandemic is over I don’t even know if I want to even work in healthcare anymore, but the sad thing is I don’t know what else I could do, so I guess I’ll work outpt if I can secure a job.
  16. OncologyCat

    CGFNS question

    Ah, sorry I didn’t read the OP’s post right. I thought she was educated in the US and failed her NCLEX. Good to know the process is different for nurses from other countries.