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Hi everyone,

Been lurking forever...since I was I'm a new grad. Can't find a job and have been searching for months. Getting close to the 6 month mark and am starting to wonder if I should just go back for a graduate degree. No idea which one, since I thought I would figure that out my first 2 years in the field.

Anyone going back to school (for grad school, BSN, or other? Please share any details of your journey with me...I value all of your opinions as I have read threads on here for years. I have no idea what is best way to finance this and prepare, etc. I would love to hear of some ideas since money was always my biggest issue while going through school. If I take out loans, will they be enough to help me live or are they going to be the standard barely enough to get by federal loans of undergrad? SO sad that I was always counting on hospitals to help out with continuing ed but I just really don't know what to do...can't even get a job as a unit secretary!

Thank you so much,



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As much as I wanted to work straight out of school I am making the decision to return into an accelerated program with hopes the market gets better. My plan is to continue looking and do school and go to school part time if something comes along. Talk to schools in your area and see what options they offer. I thought it would look better to stay a new grad and have more education on my application the to sit around and forget what Ive learned. Also some schools will help you find a part time job in the field once you start their program so ask around.

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I'd love to go back, but financially it's not possible this year. Plus, I really needed a break from being a student.

I'm not working now (graduated in May, still hunting). However, I decided that I'm going back for my BSN in Fall 2010, even if I have to work in a grocery store to pay for it.


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Don't really know if the BSN will help....have one and in the same predic!!!


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Have you tried looking for jobs in other areas? Or are you set on a certain area. There are a lot of hospitals in Cali that will take people and also the navy or army they would help you pay for school.


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Have you tried looking for jobs in other areas? Or are you set on a certain area. There are a lot of hospitals in Cali that will take people and also the navy or army they would help you pay for school.

I'm in Cali and in same situation. I'm applying to hospitals in every county and no luck so far.


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I know a lot of the students in my graduating class are continuing on to get their MSNs to be NPs.... to be honest, it's kind of scary to know that these people were in my class a few months ago and will be NPs by May *shudder*


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I am in the same predicament as you, except with an associate's degree. I started back up with an online program this month and love it! I felt as if I was losing skills and was pretty upset about job hunting every day. This program has 8 week sessions, so I am still able to job hunt. If I find something, I will take a few sessions off. There's no set time limit to complete it in. Jacksonville University. Anyways, I thought this was the best bet because otherwise you will be paying your old loans back. While most loan companies say they have hardship deferments, I found that most of mine had 6 month TOTALS for that. That's really scary to use up right away. Best of luck!


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I gotta say, I have a BSN, and I doubt it's giving me an upper hand in the job market. All hospitals (or anywhere for that matter) is looking for the big "e" word: EXPERIENCE. Even experience as an LVN (or CNA?) may help.

I have no experience in either (except if you count 2 months as a CNA. I had to quit since my RN school was out of state) and have had only 1 interview out of the 50+ applications I've sent so far for the past 3 months.

If you want to go for a BSN, by all means go for it-- it wouldn't hurt. But if you can't afford to right now, looking into working at an LTC might help in gaining experience as an RN.

Good luck!

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I have a BSN with 4 year experience in Telemetry, tried to get back to acute care setting after 6 years of "raising my family" and I have had "no!" from almost all the hospitals that I talked to. Job market it tight. I am not sure how long it has been like that, or how long it is going to be expected to stay this way... when I graduated in 1999, I just walked in to a hospital to check it out, and I came out of there with a job! I missed something in the past 6 years! Good luck to you new grads... Keep trying, it is worth it!!


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I am in Maryland and I have my associates. I am also a new grad (May '09) with no luck finding a new grad job. In my area, it's mostly the lack of experience holding me back, but I did hear from a hospital who was not willing to take me because I do not have a BSN, and they are magnet status. If you are an associates degree nurse you may run into that problem if you apply to hospitals that are currently seeking magnet status as well. Maryland has several hospitals pursuing magnet status, but I am not sure about your area. Something to look into though. Good luck to you, and all of us unemployed new grads, BSN and ADN alike :uhoh3:


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Thanks everyone for your great comments. I am going to think about school in Fall 2010 part-time study. Right now just focusing all my energy on networking, filling out apps, etc..Good luck and many prayers to all of us!!!

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