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I graduated with my BSN in May, passed my boards in July, and still haven't had any luck finding a job. I'm in the DC, MD, Northern VA area and have applied to every place you can think of, still no luck. Some of the hospitals I've applied to are: Children's, WHC, Holy Cross, Georgetown, Sibley, Inova Fairfax, UMMC, Howard County General, Mount Washington, and VA Hospital Center. I never thought I'd be in this situation, especially since I had a tech job and I am working at another place and have been there for almost 10 years! Does anyone know of any hospitals that are hiring new grads right now because I don't really wanna wait until December, which is when they start opening up more jobs for the December graduates. Any help would be appreciated!

I was recently looking at Washington Adventist and they had a ton of RN job listings.

Also, look at if you haven't already.

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Or, think outside the box and apply at non-hospital workplaces until you can land something at an acute care hospital. Some nursing experience is better than none at all.

Clinics, doctors offices, group homes, nursing homes, rehab facilities, ambulatory surgery centers, urgent cares, psychiatric facilities, home health, hospices, and other settings will likely be open to hiring a new grad RN.

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I agree with the commuter that you should definitely apply for non-hospital nursing jobs in the meantime..some nursing experience is better than no experience. And I don't know whether you just applied online to these different hospitals, but you need the nurse recruiter to associate your face with your resume. So I would definitely go in person as well to inquire about any positions and any preceptorships for new grads. Many hospitals have preceptorships where they train you for a specialty although it will require a work commitment...but it's a job. Also look outside of your this job market...hope you're willing to relocate. Good luck.

I agree with the other posters. In this economy, you have to be open to non-hospital positions. There are a few that I graduated with, that are still holding out for a hospital job. Maybe you should try the prison system or LTC. Good luck with your search.

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I've been in the exact same boat. Just got a job at St. Agnes in Baltimore. I saw today that they have two clinical nurse 1 positions, which the recruiter told me in my interview are geared to new grads. Maybe give that a shot? Good luck!

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ouch, i understand the waiting game. it is hard on your nerves! have you looked at any private duty opportunities? sometimes people that have a loved one who is getting well from a hip surgery or has had a recent stroke or surgery want in-home sitters or want someone to be with their loved one while in the hospital. it usually does not pay that well but affords you the chance to meet nursing staff and network when you do private duty.

you would definitely require a personal malpractice policy and if there is an agency in your location that offers those services you may could apply with them. sometimes getting involved with local community churches or groups like the cancer society or american heart allows you to network as well.

don't give up and be encouraged. there is a job with your name on it out there somewhere.

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Have you applied for the next intern class at GW?

thanks everyone for all the suggestions! i really appreciate it!

DCtraumarn: nope i haven't applied for the next intern class at GW. do you know how i can go about doing that? do i just go on the website?

Saf 1,

Pls How is the interview at St agnes like? do they ask cenario question ? Pls any hint about how their interview is will be appreciated.I have an interview scheduled for tuesday morning and I have been looking to talk to anybody that works with this hospital but I do not know anybody. This is a big opportunity that I do not want to miss. I have graduated since May 09 and have not had any stable or full time job. PLS HELP!!!

I agree wit, they were the only helpful job search site for me.

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