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New grad and pregnant


Hi all,

I graduated in November, discovered I was pregnant a week and a half ago, and took and passed my boards a week ago. I am thrilled to be pregnant, because with my health history I wasn't sure if I would be able to conceive. At the same time, the timing is far from great.

Now that I'm pregnant I feel unwilling to work night shifts or an extremely stressful job. That obviously limits my options. I'm looking in to clinic work, hospice, and hospital day shifts (which I probably won't get). I'm afraid to spend a year+ in hospice or clinic only to find that I am then stuck forever in those areas.

What do you guys think? Will I get pigeon-holed into non-hospital work if I start out that way? Should I tough out a high stress hospital job and risk complicating my pregnancy? Should I go back to school? Any other ideas?



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first of all congrats! :3 I'm a current student, so my opinion may not be that helpful, what about going Part time at a hospital and then continue with school?...Maybe try to find just weekend shifts in a med/surg unit? I have a HUGE teaching hospital here where I live and they are really nice to new mums/new nurses who need a change in shifts. They understand :D I'm sure you'd find a hosp that understands too! Just try not to apply to the ER/CCU :3 Best of luck and I wish you the best!


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Congrats on the pregnancy AND passing the NCLEX! You're definitely not stuck at a clinic job. How about home health? Depending on what kinds of patients you get , you can still maintain your nursing skills. Lots of places are hiring for home health RNs and I know a lot are also willing to train. That kind of job gives you some flexibility and you're not working too much and straining your newly preggo self. Good luck!

First off, congradulations! I've worked Med/surg prior to ER, and you would be suprised at how many night shift positions are taken by senior staff because of the shift differential, I think it would be more normal to have new staff start on day shift, especially when they can be trained more adequatly by knowledgable staff. And hospice/home care may not be that much of a nonstressful job, because its up to you alone at these people's residence with limited equipment, and a limited number of people who you can bounce ideas off of.

For a new nurse, even a pregnant one, I would definatly concider a med/surg position if there is one to be had.

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MOST IMPORTANT - follow the advice of your OB. Pregnancy is not (legally) a disability or condition that must be accommodated in the workplace. So - you can't count on any special consideration if you accept a new job.

You probably already know that there are eligibility requirements for maternity leave (FMLA). That being said, I think that an optimal solution would be to move into a part-time or PRN position. You would need to work as much as possible at first, in order to get a decent orientation and then you could move into working less frequently as your pregnancy progresses. Most PRN positions are pretty flexible about taking time off, so you may be able to manage maternity leave without jeopardizing your job.

Good luck on your Job Search - and huge congrats on your pregnancy!

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Congratulations on allow your recent accomplishments! You have a lot going on right now, and I know you want everything to turn out perfect as you begin your career and start your family.

Personally I think that you need to take things as they come. Depending on where you live and what type of degree you have, it may take you months to even find a job (being realistic, not pessimistic). Where I live, few nurses are getting actual hospital jobs. So, some of your concerns may be out of your control.

The other thing is this: for years and years and years, pregnant women have worked on the floors,even night shifts! Present company included. It's not fun,but honestly, no job is fun when your pregnant. I had just moved up to days when I found out I was pregnant, and it was worse than nights. I was on an incredibly busy ortho floor. I asked to go back to nights.

At this point, until you have an interview and/or an offer,I don't think you should worry about this.

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Congratulations on your pregnancy. This is a time of excitement and questions for you.The honest truth is that being visibly pregnant is likely to make a job harder to obtain. Add to that restrictions self imposed regarding type of shift and stress level combined with new grad status, you are likely going to have trouble finding work. How important to your financial situation s it for you to work? The more important it is, the fewer lines in the sand you should be drawing. Pregnancy, as mentioned above, is not a disability. You are undoubtedly excited and nervous about it, but most healthy pregnant nurses are able to tolerate all sorts of shifts and stress levels.


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Now that I'm pregnant I feel unwilling to work night shifts or an extremely stressful job. That obviously limits my options. I'm looking in to clinic work, hospice, and hospital day shifts (which I probably won't get). I'm afraid to spend a year+ in hospice or clinic only to find that I am then stuck forever in those areas.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! It can be very difficult to transition from home health/clinics/hospice and into a hospital especially with no previous hospital experience. Many employers will look at you like a new grad or worse, since you are farther removed from nursing school.

That being said, my advice would be to obtain any job you can possibly get, acquire bedside experience, and leave work for maternity leave when you are eligible or when your OB decides it's necessary. Many nurses work night shift and take on full patient loads while they are pregnant. It truly is not such a delicate condition. Best wishes to you for a healthy pregnancy.

Thanks guys. You all have great suggestions. I've decided to wait to apply until after my appointment with the OB on February 1st, just to see what she says. I know many women work high stress jobs or night positions while pregnant. I'm just not sure I'm willing. The latest research shows that moms who work high stress jobs or more than 30hrs/week are more likely to deliver preterm or have complications like pre-eclampsia.

Financially, I need to find something, even if it's part time. And as much as I want to stay away from med-surg, I think that's probably the route I'll have to go. I'm just going to push to find a part-time position. I figure two 12s a week would be manageable and still provide necessary experience.


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I totally understand what you are going through. I was 5 months pregnant when I graduated. I stayed at my previous employed until I was 7 months and Now my son is 4 months old. I believe I made the best decision regarding my choice to wait. I have not found a job yet but something inside me doesnt really want to go back to work, Shh Dont Tell My Husband! But if you really want to go back to work try a long term care facility working PRN! Then you can when you feel up to it. Good Luck!

Congratulations! I am also a new grad nurse (May 2012) and 12 weeks pregnant. I have applied for 100's of jobs and have gotten absolutely nothing except now that I am pregs I have had 2 interviews with one potential job opportunity. Ironic right? Anyways, I don't know where you live, but here in Northern California it is VERY hard to find a job anywhere as a new grad. I wouldn't hold off on applying, as it could take a long time for you to even get a response. Good luck!

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New grad and 16 weeks pregnant in south OC & I applied for many jobs and went to many interview. I am new grad w no experience so I was looking for any type of job. Finally I was offered a job at a PEDs location. I am not showing much and plan to tell my supervisor once I am showing or do I just tell her my 1st day? I was able to find scrubs that are nurse maternity uniforms and they don't show my tummy. I am very small for 16 weeks.


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Don't tell anyone anything. Unless it has to do with pt care such as working with people with varicella or the flu