Fall 2018 CSN Hopefuls? - page 14

Hello Everyone! After much consideration I have decided to apply for CSN ADN and then I will do the RN-BSN program at NSC. It is more cost effective for me that way. I am in the summer Biol-189... Read More

  1. by   CRunkle55
    For those of you saying you have more than 34 points, did you add that or did your advisor? According to the selection criteria for the RN program, you can only get 34 points. I'm starting to think people are mixing the LPN selection criteria with the RN criteria...
  2. by   UrRicanGal
    They are talking about the RN program. For years going back the max points were 44. For spring 2019 going forward max points will be 34. Prior to now, Math 120 was worth 10 points. It's now listed as a prerequisite to the program and not selection criteria points.