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Twinsmama28 has 13 years experience.

Working mom and wife of twin toddlers, while trying to accomplish her dreams and goals of becoming an RN then a Nurse Practitioner!

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  1. Twinsmama28

    Microbiology Online?

    CSN now has the micro lecture online and then the lab in person. Tests are also done online. Took it over the summer, highly recommend!
  2. Twinsmama28

    Fall 2018 CSN Hopefuls?

    Congrats on getting in! How many points did you have? Are you full time or part time? I know 1st semester is the same for both! I'm in AP2 now so I am going to be applying March 1 for the fall 2019 cohort! Fingers crossed*
  3. Twinsmama28

    Ccbc spring 2019

    I still have complete ready for review. I actually had just checked it yesterday. I noticed last spring they found out around October 23-24 so I just set a reminder in my phone to look that day.
  4. Twinsmama28

    NSC-BSN Summer or Fall 2019 Hopefuls

    The time has come for me to actually start applying! I'm in AP2 now and I am almost there! I'm going to apply to CSN and NSC. NSC being my first choice for the summer option. Is there anyone else out there applying? A lot of the NSC posts are from years ago so hopefully there are some other fellow current applicants out there??? Here are the stats I received from NSC Nursing admissions. Nerve wrecking! "As the last year has seen a huge increase in applicant numbers, I will provide you with those most recent numbers. The averages provided are for the admitted students only." Spring 2019: not completed yet, so no data on averages, but there were 155 applicants. Fall 2018: 195 applicants 3.73 average GPA 80.9% average TEAS Summer 2018: 120 applicants 3.73 average GPA 78.0% average TEAS Spring 2018: 88 applicants 3.57 average GPA 75.8% average TEAS
  5. Twinsmama28

    NSC SUMMER 2018 hopefuls

    Hello! Those of you that got in what was your GPAs for the program and the nursing prerequisites when you applied? I received the stats from the last 3 Semesters I'm a little nervous. Lots of applicants it seems I would need close to a 4.0 to get in which I'm not but I will try anyway. Did you get everything done ahead of time? How has your experience been in the program so far? I'm applying in January for the summer start. Congrats and good luck to you all!
  6. Twinsmama28

    Roseman University ABSN (didactic online)

    How has your experience been so far doing the ABSN?
  7. Twinsmama28

    Ccbc spring 2019

    Yes I am! I turned in my completed application they received my official transcripts and all has been confirmed. Do you know when we should know the decision? I applied for Daytime at Catonsville.
  8. Twinsmama28

    Nurse Corps Scholarship 2018-2019

    Hello! What are the major differences between the HRSA Nurse Corps Scholarships and the NHSC scholarship? Are you able to apply for both? What made you all apply for one and not the other? In your opinion does one have better benefits than the other? Thank you!
  9. Twinsmama28

    Fall 2018 CSN Hopefuls?

    Did you have all your prerequisites finished? Like AP 2 and Micro when you applied?
  10. Twinsmama28

    Fall 2018 CSN Hopefuls?

    Hey girl! Check your PM I sent you a message yesterday please! I didn't apply yet! When I first made this post I planned on taking AP 1 in the fall but by time I was able to register since I just finished biol 189 in the summer it was full . I'm in AP 1 now. Then I'm taking Micro in the summer. Then AP 2 in the fall!
  11. Twinsmama28

    Fall 2018 CSN Hopefuls?

    How many points did you have? Congrats!
  12. Twinsmama28

    Anyone worked IMC/ step down in Las Vegas

    Ratios are 4:1. Sometimes more if they are short staffed but it's usually 4:1. I was an CNA on IMC for the Valley Health system. I've seen drips occasionally but usually one, not as much as ICU. Patients are from everywhere with an variety of issues most of them are direct admits from ER. So no it's not mostly cardiac patients. If you are looking for mostly cardiac patients try the CVCU my friend that's an RN just got a position there and she loves it! IMC is great for experience because you encounter so much and it's still considered Critical Care! It's a high turnover floor because a lot of the newer nurses do their 1 year and then they transfer to ICU, ER, etc; But the good thing is they have no problem transferring into their speciality of choice because they were an IMC nurse. Good luck to you! Im not an RN yet but I hope this helps you a little bit!
  13. Twinsmama28

    Fall 2018 CSN Hopefuls?

    I'm not sure? Here is the points sheet for Spring 2019. http://sites.csn.edu/health/pdf/adnspringselection.pdf Oh wait yes you are right! I see the change now. Yes the math is part of the prerequisites now! I have my math done already so that change didn't matter but I was depending on getting the extra 10 points for it! Ugh I need to hurry up and get these sciences done before they add more classes to apply LOL. These constant changes are so stressful. http://sites.csn.edu/health/pdf/adncurricspringfulltime.pdf
  14. Twinsmama28

    Fall 2018 CSN Hopefuls?

    That's another change I noticed for spring 2019 application cycle, we no longer get 10 points for math so now the total points are like30 something vs the 40 something available points from before
  15. Twinsmama28

    Fall 2018 CSN Hopefuls?

    This is good! It just seems like CSN has so many changes! I hear from students in the program and those that have graduated that there were so many ongoing changes within the program too! It was TEAS then Kaplan, then TEAS again. Then it was part time option, then no part time option, and now it's back again! I think until I actually apply I will just have to check on their website daily. Oh well hopefully all these changes are for the best!
  16. Twinsmama28

    Fall 2018 CSN Hopefuls?

    Also I see that you took Micro and Biol 189 online with CCC online is there any particular reason you didn't take AP there as well? Thank you!

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