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NSC-BSN Summer or Fall 2019 Hopefuls

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The time has come for me to actually start applying! I'm in AP2 now and I am almost there! I'm going to apply to CSN and NSC. NSC being my first choice for the summer option. Is there anyone else out there applying?

A lot of the NSC posts are from years ago so hopefully there are some other fellow current applicants out there???

Here are the stats I received from NSC Nursing admissions. Nerve wrecking!

"As the last year has seen a huge increase in applicant numbers, I will provide you with those most recent numbers. The averages provided are for the admitted students only."

Spring 2019: not completed yet, so no data on averages, but there were 155 applicants.

Fall 2018:

195 applicants

3.73 average GPA

80.9% average TEAS

Summer 2018:

120 applicants

3.73 average GPA

78.0% average TEAS

Spring 2018:

88 applicants

3.57 average GPA

75.8% average TEAS

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I'm applying for Fall '19 if I can get into NURS 337. I'm having a hard time as a CSN transfer student getting into the class. My enrollment appointments are late because I haven't taken many credits at NSC and the class gets full extremely quickly. I was accepted to CSN for their Spring '19 cohort but turned it down because I only needed a couple of classes to go for the BSN instead. Good luck getting in for summer! I'll reapply to CSN as well in case I just can't get into 337. Those states make it seem pretty competitive to get in, but we got this!

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