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Hi everyone! Who among you guys are going to apply for the 2017 track? Either Spring or 2017! What classes are u still doing? Have you guys attended the Health Orientation already? I'm... Read More

  1. by   RNHS
    Quote from queenlyblessed
    We need that after we are accepted, right? We didn't need those for the application did we? My advisor didn't mention those for the application.
  2. by   Impossible_To_Tell
    No, that's not part of the application packet. You'll need to complete them once you're accepted.

    I can't wait for phone calls to start going out. 40 points, full time, no waiver/memo.

    I've been scouring the boards and CSN website and every other random place I can find regarding the supposed CNA requirement for application. I decided to take a CNA course to fill in this empty semester between my last requirement and my (hopeful) first semester of nursing school, and one instructor insists that it will be made a requirement soon. The information on this thread says that requirement has been taken off the table entirely and today I am intending to drop the course.

    Good luck to all of us. ^^
  3. by   steelydan
    You don't need the CNA certification for now at least. Drop the CNA class. You can challenge the CNA test after you pass the first semester of nursing school. You can call the Nevada Nursing Board to confirm this. I called them a month ago to ask about challenging the LPN test after one year of nursing school, but they said they do not do this. They did say I could challenge the CNA test after my first semester, but I already passed the test and am working as a CNA.
  4. by   steelydan
    I just got a call from an unknown number, but it was from a person saying I was accepted into the spring nursing prog! Just a heads up to answer your phone for the next few days.
  5. by   Impossible_To_Tell
    Calls are going out! I got accepted as well!
    A lot of us are on a facebook page freaking out together, as of right now, 12/34 got their calls.
  6. by   andreams20
    Congratulations! You must be relieved! What's everyone's points that are getting accepted?
  7. by   Impossible_To_Tell
    Of the people on the page, Im seeing 35-41, some with memos, some without. Its only a small sampling of the overall number of people though, and I heard that they were taking people with points in their teens.
  8. by   andreams20
    That's what I was reading from previous posts. I'm applying for Fall of 2017, but won't have microbiology done yet, so I'll somewhere from 28-30 points, so I'm interested to see if for the spring people were getting in with only that many. :/
  9. by   RNHS
    Quote from andreams20
    Congratulations! You must be relieved! What's everyone's points that are getting accepted?
    I'm 40 points and no memo and I got the call today!!
  10. by   DanielleRNstudent
    Can someone please advise me what is BIO 189? I have everything but this course? maybe I'm applying from California, also from my calculation's I have 40/44 points do you think I have a chance? I also have my CNA for safety.
  11. by   DanielleRNstudent
    Yes I plan on applying for FALL 2017, I"m worried about the BIO 189 not sure what course this is? I have everything else my points add up to 40/44 is that good?
  12. by   NavyGirl8701
    I'd say with 40/44 ur almost a fairy tee.. bio 189 is HELL.. just hell ! For me at least . I too have everything I need and am now having to go back and take 189... the course total is introduction to life science I think...
  13. by   DanielleRNstudent
    Do you know if Biology 100 with lab 101 is the same? Which is principles of Biology or even if they take another course in replacement?
    Thank you for responding =)