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  1. mamabear1

    CSN LPN 2017

    Can you apply to lpn and rn at the same time? I don't have bio 224 or 251 so I don't think I have much chance of getting in the fall rn program but I figured I'd try anyway! But Im also considering doing Lpn to rn just to get started.
  2. mamabear1

    Bio 202 Rio Salado

    Do the online classes show any differently on your transcript than an in person class?
  3. mamabear1

    CSN 2017 ADN program!

    I'll be applying for fall 17 without 224 or 251. Hopefully I'll stand a chance!
  4. mamabear1

    CSN 2017 ADN program!

    What waivers?
  5. mamabear1

    CSN 2017 ADN program!

    I'm taking bio 189 at unlv this summer. Is there a way for me to register at csn for 223 before I'm done with 189? When i tried to add it,it wouldn't let me since it's a pre reg for it.
  6. mamabear1

    Advice for new CNA student?

    Good luck Melissa! I was brand new to the health care field last summer when I took CNA classes. I would suggest looking on youtube. They have videos for just about every skill you will learn!
  7. mamabear1

    CSN FALL 2016

    How many points did you guys have?
  8. mamabear1

    Rio Salado Online Bio Transfer

    Did you ever find out if they transfer? I'm interested in the same thing.
  9. mamabear1

    Facility out of ppe

    My Don pretty much told me "handwashing is the best way to prevent spreading infection" ugh. then why even put the patients in isolation if we're not going to treat them as such? I just wondered if legally they have to provide PPE when caring for those patients.
  10. mamabear1

    Facility out of ppe

    My facility has been out of ppe gowns for over a week. We currently have two patients in isolation for mrsa/herpes, and one for shingles. Nursing staff told us to cover with a hospital gown when we enter the room instead. Do I have a right to refuse these patients? I don't want to bring these germs home to my kids.
  11. mamabear1

    CNA pay

    Possibly moving to North Carolina soon. Can anyone share typical cna pay rates? Around piedmont region? Ltc,and hospital? Thanks!
  12. mamabear1

    CNA salary

    Hi! My family is considering a move to north or south Carolina due to my husband's job. I just started as a cna and I wondered what the salary is? What pays better long term care or hospital? Thanks!
  13. mamabear1

    CNA salary

    Hi! My family is considering a move to North or South Carolina due to my husband's job. I just started working as a CNA and am wondering what kind of salary to expect? Thanks!
  14. mamabear1

    "You won't like being a CNA!"

    I got the same negative reaction from nurses when I told them I was going to cna school. It really rained on my parade because I was so excited to start. I hope to eventually move on to RN but in the mean time I am finding a lot of purpose in cna work.
  15. mamabear1

    Csn lpn recent points

    Thanks so much! Theres not much info around on lpn.I want rn in the end, just trying to figure out the best route to it! Will you both continue to rn after?