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I was inspired by the looonngggg "you know you're a nurse if..." thread on the Nursing Humor forum, and thought we could do one based on our specialty. Here's a few I came up with and please feel... Read More

  1. by   fiveofpeep
    Quote from JoeCrow
    your patient has a GCS of 15 but you still get an order for restraints and a foley catheter

    you've actually spent time finding little spots where you can see your pt but they cannot see you (so you know they are safe but will not yell at you)
    story of my life ^
  2. by   GrnHonu99
    if you have ever wanted to make a recording of yourself saying:

    it's ok..just go, you have a foley!

    or youve said more than once, "ok go ahead, pull it out, im sure you'll only do it once"
    or..."if you pull out the foley you are going to break your penis and it will never work again"

    Don't touch that, you'll get an infection!

    No! I will not give you scissors to cut the restraints off.

    When youve made the pt mad so you leave, come back in and reintroduce yourself as another nurse and all is well in neuro land...jeez that evil jane, i know shes awful...

    Your favorite pt is vented, sedated, tied down with no family.

    When you want to throw a chart at a resident when a neuro pt comes back from the OR with a ******* 20 g PIV in their forearm!!! REALLY!?

    or..if you;ve ever walked into a room where a crazy neuro pt had escaped restraints, disconnected the EVD at the port and is now sipping it like a straw....even grins at you and says MMMMMMM (those are two drink days LOL)
  3. by   mommyx1
    When the offgoing nurse mentions that the patients blood pressure has suddenly shot up, and you ask if they've gotten an order for a vasopressor yet

    When being told that the patient is walking and talking you are disappointed.

    When preparing to insert an NGT into a frontal lobe patient, you go ahead and grab the patient a face mask. (spit in the face, anyone?)
  4. by   RachelRN2B
    You know your a neuro nurse when:

    you start doing neuro checks to your grandmother at the drop of a hat.
    you walk to the room slowly when someone yells, "pt in __ is seizing"
    learn to juggle IV lines and precarious sheaths with pressure bags instead of balls.
  5. by   fiveofpeep
    Quote from RachelRN2B
    you walk to the room slowly when someone yells, "pt in __ is seizing"
    So true!
  6. by   cheesey_mcflavius
    You know you're a neuro nurse when...temp = 103, wbc = 21, pt is having course crackles, and coughing up yellowish phlegm, and doctors diagnose it as neurogenic fever while waiting 3 days to show positive cultures.
  7. by   Joe V
    An oldie but I was LOL