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MeTheRN is a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in Neurosurgical ICU.

Working in a level I trauma center in the neurosurgical ICU

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  1. Just finished my first semester. Ask me anything.

    Passed boards!!!! Woohoo!!! Those buttholes made me take all 170 questions. I almost had an MI after 100 because I felt it was going very well and would without a doubt shut off at 100...not so much!
  2. CRNA vs AA- FL...please HELP!

    Wow reading this post was freaky because I got a lot of déjà vu! I was exactly in the same position as you my sophomore year in college wrestling with the idea of nursing for CRNA vs pre-med. I also had a 4.0 and could pretty much pick either route. ...
  3. crna loan payment plan after graduation

    Make sure to take out the Stafford loans first, they're the lowest interest rates.
  4. crna loan payment plan after graduation

    Yes your math is spot on. It's $1500/month for 25 years. With a 7-9% interest rate on $190k of loans, you will end up paying close to $500k if you take the full 25 years to repay it. Honesty it doesn't matter which repayment plan you choose as long a...
  5. crna loan payment plan after graduation

    Unless you're saavy with your money and have it invested really well, I'd use it over financial aid for school. Loans come with origination fees and compounding interest. My interest alone was $15k while I was in the program. It wouldn't make sense t...
  6. Dealing with competitiveness, cliques...

    Unfortunately that's the nature of the beast. SRNA's are extremely cut throat. My class, for example, had students that would discover information and hoard it for themselves instead of passing it along. Things like moved test dates, specific topics ...
  7. crna loan payment plan after graduation

    I just finished CRNA school and my student loans are approximately $157k. Based on my salary and the repayment programs I have researched through my school's financial aid, I can pay $2000/month for 20 years. The remainder of the loan will then be pa...
  8. Just finished my first semester. Ask me anything.

    Well...I graduate on Saturday! Clinicals were officially done on Friday. I looked at my last patient as he was falling asleep and told him "Congratulations! You're the last person I anesthetize as a student!" He smiled that droopy propofol smile and ...
  9. Internal (facility) issue and questions

    The ASA hired scientists to conduct a study, and the results concluded that the general public viewed the term "nurse anesthetist" less favorably than "certified registered nurse anesthetist." Ever since then, I'm wary of anyone referring to CRNA's a...
  10. Does nurse internship hours count towards CCRN exam

    My 2 month orientation counted towards it
  11. Choices (looking for CRNA's advice)

    My mistake, I meant to write I'd pick Union.
  12. Choices (looking for CRNA's advice)

    I'm not sure if you've made a decision yet, but I'd like to weigh in. I'm just finishing my anesthesia program, so my perspective might be something you'd like. I personally would chose UAB. I don't know a thing about the school, but I can tell by yo...
  13. What is your work schedule like?

    Monday - Friday 7AM-3PM. No, you are not guaranteed to leave at 3PM. Usually closer to 4-5PM, but you do get to leave early sometimes. Of course there's OT for 40+ hours worked. Weekends are optional where I work, but you get paid more to work them. ...
  14. Just finished my first semester. Ask me anything.

    I just wanted to stop in real quick and update. I am done with clincials in 39 days! Honestly it still hasn't hit me yet that this whirlwind ride will be over soon and I will graduate in 46 days! I already have a job lined up and am just finishing up...
  15. New drug cocktails for executions....opinions?

    I thought so!! Thanks for the confirmation