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I'm about to begin a Masters research project about ICU nurses talking to brain-dead patients (oh the joys of ethics approval committees!). My interest in this started when I read 'Rethinking life... Read More

  1. by   xx--RN--xx
    I work in a Neuro ICU and I got to say I don't talk to brain dead patients. We care for our organ donors up until they go to surgery for harvest. To me, after brain death the person is just a big "ice chest" full of organs that I must keep in stable condition so that they may be passed on to the organ recipient. Honestly, I've never even thought about the question of talking to a brain dead pt. Brain dead is dead.
    I don't even talk to dead family members at funerals or viewings. They don't get so much as a "good bye". They are gone...what is the point?

    I don't get it. I'm there to do a job. Talking to dead people serves no purpose for that job and would only reflect my coping with death if I were to do it.