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This is a decision you need to make for yourself. Cost is one consideration.


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caliotter3, thank you for your reply. However, I joined this forum for support and others to lean on when I have a question. I am sure that you have not always been where you are I am asking those out there who have been where I am going...who don't mind giving back a little..I figure if someone here has had a bad experience with a service or product , it would be in my best interest to avoid those things. Which would save me a lot of time, and money.

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You'll get mixed reviews about every product out there. There's never going to be 100% satisfaction. But my opinion...I didn't like ATI lol.


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I didn't like Kaplan's. It had a lot of test answers that completely contradicted what it stated in the text and what I had learned in my coursework, plus math questions that were just plain incorrect.

I loved the Saunder's book. It's not perfect, but it and the CD were the best learning tools besides NCSBN.

I still hold that the NCSBN website (I think it's 50 dollars for 3 months of access) is the best study resource. The NCSBN is the council that designs the NCLEX in the first place, so you're getting thousands of practice questions and lessons from the source. The questions were a lot more difficult than any of my books, but I felt like it prepared me a lot better.


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I hated ATI questions.

I liked Kaplan, Saunders, and LaCharity. I also thought NCSBN was great.

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Oh and the 2 minutes I looked at the Kaplan book in Border's...I didn't like Kaplan.

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There are many posts on the forum on what worked for whom, however I think the best thing to do is look at the various books that are available and see which one suits your style of study


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Thank you to everyone that posted a reply. I have so many different nclex books , and can't decide which one to make my primary. I have Davis, Kaplan, Lippincott, Exam Cram, Lippincott New Format, Mary Ann Hogan Comprehensive, Made incredibly easy, student association nclex book, and Saunders. I have been answering questions from different ones. but, feel like I need just one to focus on. I really wanted to find a cheap overall review class that I could attend, but can't seem to find one. I have checked several community colleges but no luck. Any other suggestions would be great! Thanks.:idea:


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this is a decision you need to make for yourself. cost is one consideration.

hi 4pancakes,

caliotter3 is right though, this is a decision you need to make for yourself and cost is very much one consideration!! once upon time there was a thread (which is not available anymore) that said that one book is all you need to study from, which was the saunders nclex book, rather for rn's or lpn's. the saunders book also has a disk that comes with it, with lots of questions, answers and the rational's. from my experience, every book someone mentioned that was a good study book for the nclex, i went out and brought it. i spent way too much money on those books and i am not at all a rich person but i really wanted to pass the nclex. i got many of the books that you mentioned and i tried to study from allll of them. that really mixed up everything!! when i finally realized all i needed was the one saunders book, and lacharity for prioritization, i was on a roll and was successful with my test, finally!! now i have a library (seriously,the purchase of all the nclex books, made me have a library:banghead:) full of nclex books that was not even useful to me at all. but you know, what works for someone else, may not work for you (just saying)!! i use to go to barnes & nobles or borders and sit their and read through a bunch of nclex books to see what would work for me. sometimes i left empty handed because i didn't know which book to choose from and i didn't want to waste another $40 dollars on another nclex book that would not help me!! i also did a kaplan review course online, it was a reasonable price but i still was unable to pass the test with that (near passing, doesn't mean i pass). some people are successful with kaplan and pass the test, go figure! what did they see with kaplan that i didn't see? :uhoh3:

well this was just my :twocents: or a little bit more:).

i hope you find the right nclex book that will suit you without spending a bunch of $$$$!!

good luck:up:

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Good luck with your studies. :)


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I recently purchased the ATI on line course and I spent more time on line than reading my Saunders book and using the CD included. I thought for sure I was ready for boards so I scheduled Sept. 3 and sad to say I failed. Now I am feeling like I have wasted much time and money. My classmates studied Saunders and passed the first time. I feel like my world has ended as I worked so hard for this never failed a course in school but failed the "biggie" the boards. Please help!!! Where do I go from here to get up to speed?