need some tips for kids remembering to come

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Hi all,

I'm looking for a few tips on getting a 1st grader to remember to come to the clinic. Every day I have to call for her (or rather get the front office to call for her as I can't call directly to rooms from the clinic). I don't mind doing this, and I don't get the feeling the front office is frustrated with me having to get them to call down...I'm just thinking there has to be a way to help her remember. It's at an odd time in the middle of the afternoon. Most of my routine meds are 1st thing in the a.m. or at lunch, easy times to remember but this is just right in the middle of regular class time.

Thanks so much!

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In my experience with elementary kids, you are going to have to get the teacher to remember to send her.

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I get the teacher involved as much as possible. Is this for an ADHD med? After all, if it is an ADHD med, the teacher is the one to suffer if the med is missed or they will usually help you!

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First graders aren't very good at remembering things like that. You have to get the teacher on board.


No, it is not an ADHD med, and she's a well-behaved student from my understanding.

I don't really mind calling for her, that's part of my job, just thought I'd ask in case I was missing something.

Thanks again.

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I have purchased a cheap kid's watch with an alarm for a student who had to come in for a cath. It was worth the $$ to me because she was a 4th grader and they switched classes so I could never find her!

For another student, the teacher set the alarm on his cell phone to remind him to send her. This worked very well also. The teacher's support on this is key, if the teacher is not cooperating, you might have to get admin on board.

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i've used the dollar store alarm clock too. That seems to work best.

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I have used a sticker chart. I give the student a sticker every time he/she comes for her meds without being called for. When she gets 5 stickers then she gets a reward (such as lunch in my office, a special pencil/pen/eraser...). Then as she becomes more reliable, the number of stickers needed for the reward gets higher. Eventually, a habit is formed.

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