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Hi all ! i am new here and this is my first post. Im sure there are posts here all the time like this, but I would really , genuinelly appreciate some honest advice and insight !

I'm thinking of becoming a nurse. I already have a BS in Psych. and am wrapping up with a Masters in Counseling but have recently learned that counseling just isn't for me for a variety of reasons. :o First off, there are very few opportunities for counselors here in TX that aren't bilingual (and no i'm not interested at all in school counseling). I was originally interested in a position in a hospital or nursing home but recently learned that these positions are filled by social workers. Second, counseling is a bit too slow paced for me. Third, the pay is a tad low and I don't care for the hours (8-5 m-f, I"m more of a night person) . I could go on and on with the reasons but I will spare you. Bottom line, I wish I would have been more informed when I decided to pursue a career in counseling. Now that I've learned more about it and learned the profession is very limited here in my area, my heart is NOT in it. So here I am thinking of nursing. I love the idea of working nights and even working 12s. I love the idea that I can **really** touch lives and help people who want to get well (for the most part). I like the fast pace and the fact that nurses seem to always seem busy.

My question, I guess, is would you recommend someone like me to pursue nursing ?? If you had to do it over again, would you ? Is 26 too 'old' ??

I'm going to go ahead and finish up my MA mostly because my hubby is inisisting ! :chuckle But I really feel drawn to nursing and have for quite some time and would seriously like to apply to the ADN program next fall. I just don't want to make the mistakes I made pursuing counseling -- being uninformed. ANY words of wisdom would be appreciated !!!!!!!

THANK YOU !!!!!!!


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No, 26 is certainly not old. In my class, we had 2 people in their 60s and 2 in their 50s. All graduated. But, if you're expecting great pay for the work done, nursing will be a disappointment. Would I do it over again? More than likely. We have our great days, when we feel top of the world, and other days, when we wonder why the heck we're doing it. L. It can be very frustrating and very rewarding. Yes, it is a busy field and there are many responsibilities to bear. Would I recommend the career to you? Based on your interest and background, I would say "yes". Finish your MA first. Education is always a plus, everywhere. I wonder if hubby will survive. :). I remember a few sleepless nights with the coffee pot and care plans. Good luck in whatever you choose and welcome to a great chat site.


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Thanks alot for the words of wisdom !! About the pay .. I know it's not astronomically high, but it is MUCH better than counseling (low 20's FULLtime) but that's only one perk in my opinion. Now, if I really wanted to do counseling and it was my PASSION, the low pay would be fine , but considering all the CONS , the low pay is just another thing to make me go blah !

Oh yes, hubby will survive ! LOL !!

Thanks again !


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Welcome SmallTexan

This bulletin board is a great place! I'm 26 too and going back to school for my ADN. I orginally got my BA in English. I feel that You know yourself better than anyone so if you think nursing is for you then go for it! :D


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Go for it for both yourself and for our profession. I have worked with a variety fo prople over the years who have degrees in other fields and always feel they bring soemithing extra into our profession. You will find your background will be very handy but may feel frustrated A) because fo being undervalued for your intelligence/educational level or, conversely b) find that impossible expectations are placed upon you because of your background - particularly when it comes to dealing with difficult people.

If you go for it then then all I can say is - toss your hat in the air hop on that steed and charge that windmill:chuckle:

Every nurse is a psych nurse. Your training will certainly come in handy whether you work at the bedside, in management, etc. And night nurses are paid more and worth more than they are paid. Go for it.

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Welcome SmallTexan!

26yo is still "a baby", you have more than enough time. Have you considered the option of going for a BSN for people that already have a Bachelors degree? I don't know all the specifics, but it may work for you.

You'll do great!


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Oops, I don't mean "a baby" in an offensive way. I am 45 and hope to enter the ADN program this fall... Good luck to you!



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wow ! Thanks for all the great advice.

I'm feeling very optimistic about this. I WANT to help people, but to be honest I don't think counseling is the right route. So many people don't want to change or flat out refuse to change .


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Just wanted to jump in and say hi, and no, 26 is NOT too old!

I'm 26, and I'm in my 2nd quarter of nursing school. I'm in the bottom third as far as age ranges go in my class.

I also have a BS in psychology. I worked in research for two years and was three weeks away from starting a PhD program in psychology (in th UK) when I decided it wasn't for me. I couldn't be happier now...

But I'm so thankful for that psych degree, if anyone ever asks me how I feel about "not using" my first degree...HAH! I use it every single day, in class, and in clinical, with every single patient that I see. It's the BEST preparation for being a nurse (aside from all that anatomy/physiology stuff, LOL).

Good luck to you!!



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Small Texan-

26 is just baby years in nursing, or in this life for that matter, enjoy it, do EVERYTHING you want to do, but foremost, enjoy it!!

I'm 42, just got my LPN less than a year ago, and am working on my RN. I don't know that I ever want to stop advancing my career, and myself. Wanting to help people is a wonderful thing, and if it makes YOU happy, go for it!!

Best of luck in all your endeavours,


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rose, isn't it funny how so many people major in PSY and don't use it ! LOL !

I am so glad to see that age won't be an issue. I pictured all the other students as fresh out of HS.

Another quick question, do most nurses (in hospitals) work 3 12's , 4 12's or what ?? What is the scheduling usually like? I can't bear to think of working 8-5 everyday. Like I said before I feel my best at night for some reason, always have.

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