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cna on her way

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I sent you a PM.


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Have you thought about maybe trying nursing? Nursing homes in my area offer CNA (certfied nursing assistant) training for free, and you could get some experience and see if it is something you can do. Nursing hours are very flexable here, you can pretty much choose your hours. But I would recommend trying the CNA to anyone interested in Nursing, since it is usually free and then there will not be any suprises. I went to Nursing school with a girl who had finished all of her pre-req's and got into the nursing program to only find out she had to clean up poop and give bed baths, she quit. Best of luck in whatever you decide, and Nursing is a very rewarding career.


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Yeah, one time before, I checked into getting a MSW, because I would have thought that it would not take that long to get it since I have a Masters in Counseling. However, that is not the case. The MSW at USC would actually give me credit for only one or two Masters Level Courses and at the time it was a 3 yr Masters Program, - so go figure... Although sociology and psychology have a few similarities, they are both very different as in the courses and how the practitioner works with the patient or client. Also, I know where someone mentioned on this board that maybe some of us who have our Masters Degree might should try to go ahead and get into the BSN or MSN program in Nursing instead of the ADN program. I live in FL, and have only a few options of nursing schools that I can travel to that is less than 1 hr one way. The ADN RN program that I plan to begin in 2005 seems to be my only option, because from what I read in the course catalog, the BSN at St. Pete College is only for RN's who have already completed their ADN program and are licensed, and is only a transition program that a RN can begin working toward their BSN, and of course, all of the courses in the ADN program should be a direct transfer and you have to only finish the remainder 2 years, I believe. However, I think since I have all those general ed courses and electives, etc., from my

B.S. Degree in Psych a few years ago, the BSN program might only take me an extra 1 or 1 1/2 years instead of 2. But, I think I will go ahead and complete the ADN program , pass boards and start working as a RN at a hospital where they agree to pay for future schooling, then will go back to this same college and finish the BSN program that offers the remainder of courses not just during the day, but also in the evening and on-line. Even if I have to sign a contract with a hospital to stay there a few years so they pay for my BSN courses, I think it would be worth it. However, I think I will do my homework on the hospitals before I start working there and will try very hard to get a job in an area that I feel strongly that I would really enjoy at least for a few years like Pediatrics or maybe in Psychiatric Nursing since I have a lot of experience working in psych field in the past.

I have not seen any BSN or MSN programs where I am, that offer students to enroll and go straight through those type programs, have any of you? Oh, and how do some of you feel about the online courses offerred by the college? Are they just as good and how expensive are they per credit hr? I saw one online course that said it was $350.00 per credit hr., but that did not sound right to me. ....................April


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Originally posted by RN2007

I have not seen any BSN or MSN programs where I am, that offer students to enroll and go straight through those type programs, have any of you?

No, the ADN is a better route for me financially as well. I can always continue on and get my BSN ! What I want to do is work !

I have been on the computer all day today, and it looks like I won't even be able to apply until next year :(:( I still have to do A&P, but TG I have everything else. I guess I'll wrap up my MA and then just sit it out for the year. It's going to be a LONG YEAR :( :(

Oh About the MSW, I looked into that too, and you're right, only maybe 2 classes (if that) would transfer. Even if more transfered I don't think it's really for me. I *really* want to make a difference !


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Talking about getting in on the nursing schools waiting list. The college I will be going to told me I that I first need to take A&PI with a lab and A&PII with a lab, and she told me with my background that I would need to either take a Nursing type Reading course or I could take the CPT Reading test and score at least a 95 on it. Anyway, these courses and/or test requirements must be met before I can put my name on the waiting list. So, I have already passed the CPT Reading test and plan on taking one of the A&P courses this Fall beginning August 03, and will take the 2nd A&P in Jan 04. So, I cannot put my name on the waiting list until finishing those courses which will be April 04, but the instructor told me that she was confident that she could get me in the nursing program either in Jan. 05 or little later in 05. So, that gives me a little time but yes, I wish it were sooner. I will be working at my marketing job in the mean time and I also will take a medical terminology course to help myself with the medical jargon, etc. Also, I actually had completed one of the Anatomy and Physiology courses as part of my B.S. Degree, but that was about 14-15 yrs ago, and I know I want to learn everything and get it fresh on this brain of mine.

So see, some of you are gonna be able to start the nursing program sooner than me. That is great. Ya know, with all the shortages of nursing, you would think they could take more students, but I was told that they actually have an extreme shortage also of the facilities to place the students to do clinicals, so that is the main problem, I think. I hope all of you are having a nice night :roll .... April

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