Need a little bit of Info for school Project.


Hello friends,

I need a little bit of information and help from active-working Nurses. I have a project due for an intro class, and part of it is to ask a few nurses around some questions. I find it tough to connect with some as we all know, most Nurses work long hours. But the questions specifically are:

  • Please describe to me what you believe are the essential characteristics of a good RN?
  • How do you define the nurse's role?
  • Of the many varied roles that nurses perform every day, which do you feel is most important, and why?
  • In which of the nursing roles are you least comfortable functioning, and why?

It would be great also, if you could state what type of nurse you are and little tidbits about your experiences.

Thank you so much.


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We are always happy to help nursing students with homework, but assignments like this are usually created to get you talking to LOCAL nurses FACE TO FACE. Remember that on a discussion board/forum such as AN, you are risking the possibility that whoever answers your question is not actually a nurse, and is not necessarily qualified to give you answers to the questions you seek. I would encourage you to call up local nursing homes, hospitals, doctors offices, etc. and ask if you can come in and take a few minutes of their nurses time to do your interviews. Most people are more than willing to help.

Good luck.

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Requests to survey RN's are posted several times a week here on AN. Wheeliesurfer was kind enough to post a pretty typical response to said request. Good luck in your journey.


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What they said.

FWIW, I find most nurses are more than happy to help with these kinds of requests; an offer for a cup of coffee after work is usually enough to get us motivated :)

Thank you for your responses. I very much appreciate it.

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And FWIW, these are broad questions that require considerable time & effort to answer completely. Please be conscientious in your gratitude for those who take the time to meet with you.