Need Honest Opinion -- Would You Recommend Nursing?


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I've had an alarming amount of working RNs trying to persuade me from becoming a nurse. At first I just brushed it off as a fluke - thinking they were either new, burnt out, etc. But they seem to be from all walks of life. They all say that I'm "too smart" for nursing and that if I can do it, do something else. They say the lack of support, respect, from the public, administration isn't worth any monetary rewards and that it quickly gets old and the understaffed hours are long. They also said that while the pay is nice in the beginning compared to some college majors, the salary cap is reached quite quickly and that if I pursued a MBA ( my other option), the opportunites and potential salary rewards after working a while are higher. If someone came to you and asked your honest opinion, would you recommend a person to go into nursing?


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In all honesty no. It was a happy day when my oldest child changed his mind about nursing.

Yes, there are lots of specialties out there but after a while they have their downsides just like floor nursing.

It's the verbal abuse from patients and their families in the hospital and clinic seting that is hard to tolerate. I'm tired of being told I get paid too much, sure would you like do my job for $28/hour? Been punched, spit at, nipped or slapped lately? Sure, your relative is demented, that makes it all right?

Management knows our working conditions but often their hands are tied by budgets, and the demands from higher up the food chain.

My child decided against nursing the day I came home bruised from being punched by a little old lady. He just doesn't want to deal with the abuse that is tolerated in the hospital setting.

I became a nurse because my job was outsourced (programmer) in 2002. I had an interest in the life sciences so I thought nursing would be a good fit.

It's the hardest job I've ever had in my life. And I moved from a city to a rural area, where I earn less than I did as a secretary.

That someone would say you're "too smart" to be a nurse is ignorant. You have to be bright and on your toes at all times.

It ain't Florence Nightingale. It's charting and documenting and banging out meds and answering bed alarms because your little old lady who forgot she can't walk is trying to let her cat out for the night because she doesn't know she's in the hospital and you get there just in time for her ass to hit the floor and then have a mountain of paperwork because you can't use a vest restraint because she has "the right to fall" and just exercised it.

It's a blast.


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No, I wouldn't do it. I have my BSN and an MBA - Even with this in hand - the pay and abuse is not worth it!!! If you can run - do it!

There is a reason why the nursing positions are many - too many nurses with experience are bailing. Yes - the pay is good compared to other associate prepared or bachelorate prepared professions. But not by that much in my opinion.

Also, you will most likely miss holidays with family - work wierd and long understaffed shifts with very ill patients (who should probably still be in an ICU - but are pushed out on to the floor) and be disrespected by just about everyone - no matter how good you are.

The only reason I obtained my MBA is to hopefully transfer those skill sets to another industry that is away from nursing. That is, when the economy picks up.

I wish nursing would be what I thought it would be - but unfortunatley - in my case - it was a disappointment. :(

Sure there were some good times - but they were very far and few. Not enough to keep me in for a lifetime. As for 90% of my fellow graduates - they have left nursing. Most of which quit within 5 years of practice.


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The best advice I can give is to get a part-time job in health care or at least look into a "shadowing" program at a hospital. Nursing isn't for everyone. I could tell you I love it, but that doesn't mean you will.


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This post freaks me out a little.

I'm a senior about to graduate and my dreams for the past 4 years have been aimed at becoming the best nurse I can be.

could it be a particular floor that causes nurses to quit? or certain types or personlities of nurses that don't like the job? or location? or state? or attitude towards nursing?

Or is it really just that bad?


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To be perfectly honest you need to get to the point where you can decide for yourself what you want to do for a living and not go by what other people tell you is "not worth it". I could point you in the direction of whiney MBA's who wil say all the same things about their profession as the nurses told you. There are lawyers, doctors, engineers, teachers, Phd's in every field all telling the same story. It's basically just something some people say. Maybe they think if they tell you something good you'll be coming for their job in a few years. Maybe they should have figured out by now that people will keep going to school and graduating and moving into the profession no matter what they say. If I needed to hear opinions about my career path I'd look for accomplished people had who something positive to say about the profession and I'd be suspicious about the m.o. of anyone who had nothing good to say. Bottom line - it's your decision not theirs. If you're having trouble deciding consider taking a CNA course and taking a part time job in a hospital, nursing home or a home health agency for a while. That way you'll find out first hand what it's like to care for patients and you'll also have a chance to see nurses in action and decide whether that's a role you want to take on.

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I have been a nurse for a lot of years, and have worked in many areas of nursing- yes nursing is a very rough career.

I just worked a 14 hr shift- dealt with techs whining and acting like babies all day- they are worse than the pts.

I work my butt off.

Before I became a nurse, I worked as an apprentice machinist, and also worked in two auto factories building cars and vans (Mercury Sable and Dodge Caravan). Nursing is much harder physically than industrial work, imo.

And the level of responsibility is very, very high.

What I like about nursing is the mental challenge- it does take a lot of intelligence to be a good nurse.


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At this point in time, based on my experiences, I could not in good faith recommend nursing to anyone. As a matter of fact, I was talking to a young single mother, a PCT on my floor, who has started nursing school. She asked my honest opinion and I told her NO WAY. The hours are horrific for family life, the holidays, the work She said I was the third nurse who told her that today. :(


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This post freaks me out a little.

I'm a senior about to graduate and my dreams for the past 4 years have been aimed at becoming the best nurse I can be.

could it be a particular floor that causes nurses to quit? or certain types or personlities of nurses that don't like the job? or location? or state? or attitude towards nursing?

Or is it really just that bad?

You will encounter this often when you begin to practice. Everyone needs to vent-- just stay away from people who do nothing but complain. And be sure to find your niche. If you want to do Peds then Adults will make you miserable and vice versa. Congratulations and good luck!

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I dunno... i guess life's totally different for a nurse on either side of the pond, so my opinion might not count for much.. but, you get abuse from patients, managers, relatives, doctors and anyone else who thinks they can give it to you, but you dont have to take it. just be tactful and sly when responding to patietns and relatives (verbal replies not physical Ha-Ha!!). as for Docs etc. they're no better, so dont let them act that way.

i really enjoy my job, most days go home absolutely wiped, but i know i've done a good days work.. money's not great, but it's not bad for a guy with no kids living with his girlfriend and two kittens. anyways, people going into nursing for big bucks?? think they might be in it for the wrong reasons!! .and as for holidays? well over here you start on 7weeks paid/annum, but if you self roster, this can easily be bumped up to 12-14weeks.. cant complain at that!

i really hope you get out of nursing what you can and enjoy it, all the best to you..


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Unfortunately, I would not. I have been a nurse for 18 years and if I knew how to do anything else, I would leave healthcare so fast your head would spin. The last 10 years of my career I have spent in leadership roles trying to make a positive difference. Ha!! I have seen patients, docs, administrators and other staff who don't even have a clinical background openly disrespecting us. The worst though, is when I see other nurses viciously attacking each other both verbally and nonverbally. I can honestly say I hate going to work. That is something I never thought would come out of my mouth. After all, I went to college so I could have a career I would enjoy. I am sorry to say, nursing is not it.

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