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Need help with what a nurse-initiated intervention can do. Can someone please help me

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For each of the following nursing interventions, identify if the intervention is a nurse-initiated intervention (N) or a physician-initiated intervention (P).

a.__P___ Give morphine sulfate 1 to 2 mg IV every 1 hr as needed for pain.

b.__P___ Insert nasogastric tube.

c.__N___ Apply moist heat to left arm.

d.__N___ Listen actively to client's concerns.

e.__N___ Perform daily bath after evening meal.

f.__P___ Infuse 0.9% normal saline at 125 ml/hr.


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sounds like homework. You could find the answer to these in a nursing school book. You need to figure out which ones are doctor's orders and which ones are nursing orders. Think of repercussions. If you were to do one of these without a doctor's order, could you potentially cause harm?? Don't do those that might cause harm without an order to back you up.

You have the answer there next to each one, do you need a rationale??


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You have to admire the moxie the OP had to post what obviously looks like a homework assignment.

Obviously the purpose is to find people who can help you out with homework or whatever is that you need not to be judge.

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You have the answer there next to each one, do you need a rationale??

I'm confused too. :confused: What is it that you are looking for?


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The purpose of homework is to do it yourself, not get people to do it for you. That would be called "cheating."

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If you already know the answers (as evidenced by the answers being there in the OP) what exactly are you asking us?


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I think she wants someone to tell her if her answers are right or wrong. Which would be the equivalent of doing the homework for her.

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your instinct is good.......... but what do you need further?

A nurse initiated function is something nurses can do without a doctor ordering it. For example, if someone is having trouble breathing a nurse can raise the head of the bed to 30 degrees.

She's here for help. Park the attitudes outside plz